You Had Me at Pig Algorithm.

 Many of you remember that we have a Pig.  But how could you forget?  I know I certainly haven't.  He goes by Houdini and he is just too cute.  Looking at these pictures I can't believe how small he used to be.

The tables have turned and that is definitely not the case anymore.

 His weekly walks have gotten a bit out of control lately.  I loved seeing this guy get dragged around the yard.

 He is growing at an incredible rate, probably because he eats anything and everything he sees.  Brutus looks scared for his life, because he knows what's gonna happen when Houdini's tummy is still grumbling after that 20 lb pumpkin is gone...
Rick and I had a conversation about him last week.
Rick:  "You know he weighs 155 lbs now."
Me:  "How in the heck would you know that."
Rick: "It's a simple Pig Algorithm.  You measure from ear to tail, wrapping the measure through the armpit and around up by his neck...ect, ect."
Me:  "... Um, you had me at Pig Algorithm."


Grandma Cher said…
Brutus does look scared to death! Rick must have learned that equation in one of his classes!

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