Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Surprise!

Today Danny came home from work with a cute little yellow bag.  I opened it, only to find this sweet little gem. 
 It is a vintage stone cameo set in white gold circa 1920.  I first saw this ring this Summer after the Rooftop Concert series.  We were walking back to Roman's house when I saw it in the display window at the Cat's Cradle.  It was love at first sight.  
Another perk of Danny working at NuSkin... it's across the street from my favorite store.   What a fun Halloween surprise!

Monday, October 29, 2012

You Had Me at Pig Algorithm.

 Many of you remember that we have a Pig.  But how could you forget?  I know I certainly haven't.  He goes by Houdini and he is just too cute.  Looking at these pictures I can't believe how small he used to be.

The tables have turned and that is definitely not the case anymore.

 His weekly walks have gotten a bit out of control lately.  I loved seeing this guy get dragged around the yard.

 He is growing at an incredible rate, probably because he eats anything and everything he sees.  Brutus looks scared for his life, because he knows what's gonna happen when Houdini's tummy is still grumbling after that 20 lb pumpkin is gone...
Rick and I had a conversation about him last week.
Rick:  "You know he weighs 155 lbs now."
Me:  "How in the heck would you know that."
Rick: "It's a simple Pig Algorithm.  You measure from ear to tail, wrapping the measure through the armpit and around up by his neck...ect, ect."
Me:  "... Um, you had me at Pig Algorithm."

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Her First Field Trip.

Millie went on her first field trip last week.  She had so much fun at the Pumpkin Patch with her classmates.  The Vineyard Nursery has a Petting Zoo, Spook Light Alley, Playground, Corn Maze,  and a pumpkin patch.  Millie had so much fun and I don't think she stopped running except for when I made her stop to have her picture taken.
I guess it was Pearl's first field trip as well.  She was more impressed with the hay than anything else.  Millie took control of the situation and helped force a smile out of Pearl, literally.  Ah, I love Sister Cousins.

Millie's best friend Presley.  She is such a cute little girl and Millie is talking about her constantly when she gets home from Preschool.  They were holding hands almost the whole field trip.  This post could've also been named, "Her First Friend She's Not Related To."  They play so cute together.
 Each kid got to pick out their own pumpkin to take home.  Millie was so proud of her pumpkin and insisted on letting it ride home in the seat next to her... buckled in.

 Poor Pearl can never keep her eyes open outdoors.  Neither can I, but eventually I learned to cover up my squinty blues with some polarized lenses.  In time sweet Pearl, in time.

 Another awesome pic of Pearl fighting to keep her eyes open.
Millie and Miss Misti.  She loves her so much!

Misti's son Sam and Millie.  
Pearl insisted on walking along each pumpkin only stopping to suck on the stems.
What a cute looking class and a really fun first field trip!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Crystal House

Since we have almost lived in our home for two years, I decided to finally post about it.  Most of you that actually read my blog have probably seen it in 'real life' several times or at least in pics on here but, we just love our house so I want to post about it.  At the time we weren't looking to buy a home, but when it went for sale, we couldn't help ourselves, we fell in love.  I have always hoped I could live in an old house in PG, like the one I was raised in.   Little did we know we'd find one literally a few houses away from my parents!

My parent's house, built in 1876
 Old homes have so much character and rarely, if ever, do you see 2 the same.  Our home was built in 1909, the same year my wedding ring was made.  Apparently, 1909 was a good year for things to be made.
Introducing the Crystal House.

 Why the Crystal House?  Growing up I knew this home as the, "Crystal House." I think everyone in our ward/PG did too.  Even when we bought it, we described to others as, "The Crystal House."  Everyone knew exactly what house we were talking about.  The Reed Crystal family lived in this home for years.   They raised several kids in it!  I have no idea where they put them all.  There are two bedrooms on the main floor and the Crystal father dug out a room BY HAND in the basement for his boys.  So when we bought the house there were only three finished rooms.  Now the basement is finished and Danny hopes to finish the upstairs someday too.
Me, Linda and Doris
(I'm in the awkward, "Just look fat," stage of pregnancy.  Lovely.)
 Last Summer, I got a phone call from a close family friend, Linda Walker, saying that Doris was in town and would like to come see the home she was raised in if we were okay with it.  Of course we were, so the next weekend they both came by.  It was so fun to talk to her about growing up in this home.  She showed me where their family piano was that she took lessons on for years.  She said she used to help her mother cut irises and put them in vases.  She told me about all the raspberry bushes out back and the bees her father used to care for.  She told me about her first kiss on the back porch. She showed me where her husband got down on one knee and proposed in the front room.  It was just so neat to hear her stories.  
 Seriously if walls could talk!  Have you ever wondered what your house has seen?

 She loved this house so much she had someone paint a picture for her, so she'd always have it with her.  She had this painted in the 70's, you can tell our trees have grown a lot since then.  She said she moved all over the United States and this painting was always the first thing hung.  I thought that was so cute.  A little strange that someone has a painting of my house in their house, but I love it.  That is totally something I would do.

I guess I'm not one to talk, I took a picture of their irises about two years before we bought the house.  Right with Doris,  I have a sentimental heart.

There were so many reasons we fell in love with our home.  Danny's favorite thing was the gigantic trees that line our yard.  They are so beautiful and if we ever move, we'd never have trees like this.
I loved the 12 foot ceilings, the original old door knobs, moulding, and leaded windows.  The beautiful brick work and the cute porch.  The cozy bay window in our kitchen.

 Not to mention awesome neighbors!  I took this from my porch, that is the back of my parent's house.  Besides a few branches and power lines obstructing the view, you can see how close we are.

And now some photos of the main floor in our home, when it's clean.

Before it was Pearl's room.

Maybe now it will start being known as, "The Elder Home?"


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