Monday, July 27, 2009



The Caboose of our cruise ship!!
View from the top deck.
Handsome Danny in Skagway, Alaska.  I lost my phone in this field...

Making our own little totem pole:)
We saw over a hundred of these!  It was awesome... they are such big birds!
This is actually where the cruise left from.  Good old Seattle, WA.  I haven't been there since Darrell and Sheila took me there. 

Seattle was overcast and SO pretty.
The water looked like it should be in the Caribbean or something!  It was SO pretty.

Hello Skagway, Alaska!
This was in Ketchikan, Alaska.  The woods were SO thick!
My first time out of the US...and some Canadian lady started yelling at us...ha ha figures.

Victoria, Canada

On the Shore line in British Columbia.
A lot of the trees are covered in this moss.  It was beautiful.

Best moment of Danny's life...Our wedding day has some big competition.

Get Kinky in da club... ha ha, Steph and I made sure to Bust a Move at the NightClub on Board.

Skywalker's Night club.  The best part was the freakin long escalator that took you straight up to the club's dance floor.
The reason I gained 6 lbs...
And another reason...
Yeah, in Alaska there are giant Bald Eagles on their road signs.
Wild sweet Pea in Victoria.
Skagway, Alaska
I now own these pants thanks to Danny's parents:)

One of the formal nights.  It was SO fun.  That night we ate Escargo and Lobster.  Both were excellent:)

Hittin up the Casino before dinner..
What better than watching a movie in a hot tub with your sweetie??
My Roomie on the ship, we had tons of fun:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did I Mention I Love This Boy???...

My Sister-In law Sara, took these pics of Danny and I just up the road from our house.  They turned out great!  She is so talented:)

The real reason for this post is because I love Danny.  I will expand...
So who gets sick in July???  I get sick in July:(  So random I know.
So tell me this, what is better than being surprised with a Giant Diet Mtn. Dew and a rice crispy treat bigger than your head hand delivered by a major hottie on his lunch break???...
I'd have to say... nothing:)  
And he's my husband in 45 days!... but who's counting??... :)


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