Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The "Thongs and Flip Flops are NOT the Same Thing," Song.

Los G's decided to switch things up and try an R & B Birfday song. Maybe we should've stuck with rapping...

or not.

Both are scary.

We know we suck. We just wanted Pop Rox to know we love her and hope she has a great 21st B-day!!!

She's the best sista ever!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sneaky, Conniving, Liar.

I have never been a very sneaky person, I stink at lying, and Im even worse at budgeting.

When Danny and I were getting engaged I asked him what kind of engagement ring he would like. He said he didn't want one and that he would just wear his Joseph Smith ring on his left hand. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes.

A few months after we were married he ended up telling me that he really wanted a wedding ring, but he didn't want to stress me out (money wise). I was ticked! We were now poor, and had no money to buy him a nice ring. I was sad. I really felt bad because he sold his dirtbike to buy my dream ring! What a horrible wifey....

So about three months ago I decided to be a sneaky conniving woman and save my pennies to buy my sweet heart some new bling.
As many of you know I am a server and sometimes I make a lot and sometimes I make a little. I was able to "fib" about my earnings for a few months and save up almost $300!
(I kept justifying my lies to myself because I felt SO guilty! It was for a good cause though....
Right? Right. Guess we'll find out in Heaven.)

Next was to get his ring size. First of all, Danny NEVER takes off his ring. Ever.
So I asked him if I could take some pictures of our wedding rings. I hurried into the kitchen and traced the inside of his ring onto the closest thing I could find, a Kohl's receipt. Yeah, Im classy. I hoped with this I could figure out his ring size.

I took Roxanne and Brad ring shopping with me to get some input. I wish you could have seen the jeweler's faces when I pulled out the old crumpled Kohl's receipt with Danny's traced ring on it. After a couple stores I found the ring. I was SO excited to surprise Danny!

Our anniversary came and I was nervous because he kept telling me he knew what he was getting! (I would have been so mad if he had found out!)
So I wrapped the gift in a bit of a disguise...

As I said, I had to disguise it. The outside box isn't wrapped because my wrapping paper wouldn't fit around it! Once again displaying how ghetto fab I can be.
Each box he thought he knew what was in it...
Some of the boxes had weights to make them heavier.
He was yet to guess it!
This box he guessed a pair of sunglasses.
He still didn't know..

Look at his face. He totally knows what it is at this point!
He got to it! He was so excited and it made me so happy:)

Danny's ring fit perfectly! It's titanium and gold.
Look how good our rings look together....

Danny surprised me with an antique gold locket and a night at The Anniversary Inn! I have always wanted to stay there.
We stayed in The Mississippi Serenade. Our bed was on a raft, and all the walls were rock. The lighting was really cool too. There was a really big jacuzzi and a waterfall in the corner of the room. We got some red boxes and watched em from our bubble bath. What a fun anniversary!

The old house had so much character. I loved exploring the 4 different floors.

The Front of the hotel.

Nothing like a little b-fast in bed! The hotel had a lot of fun extras. We really enjoyed the sparkling cider on ice and cheesecake in the fridge.

This is the waterfall in the corner of our room.

I love Danny so much. Our first year of marriage was such a blast! I have never been so happy. I feel so lucky to have such a great husband who is truly my best friend. He is such a hard worker and I know I can always depend on him. He always keeps me laughing and makes sure Im happy. Cheers to an awesome first year of marriage and an amazing husband!
Happy Anniversary Babe!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I love Lagoon.

I don't care if people say:
The rides are lame.
The roller coasters aren't intense.
The food is over priced.
Freaks and ghetto people come out of the woodwork.

Its all a bunch of bologna.
Everything except the freaks coming out of the woodwork. That's definitely true. But who doesn't enjoy a little people watching??

I have so many good childhood memories at Lagoon.
I remember mainly hanging out with my cousins and always looking forward to our annual trip to Lagoon, Grandma Phyl always having the cousins go to all the Musical Shows and the boy cousins being so mad but secretly liking it (run on sentence), eating our home made lunches in the park, my dad winning us prizes at Wac-A-Mole, Big El buying us ice cream, ect.
These are just a few of the reasons I love Lagoon. My parents, Brad, Rox, Danny, and I were able to go this last week and we had SO much fun!

It POURED on us the first three hours we were there.

There seriously wasn't a dry spot on us...

Not to mention we were THEE ONLY PEOPLE without Ponchos.
But we didn't let a little rain get in our way!
Posing like the retarded clowns in the picture behind them.

We jumped in puddles.

It was fun.

If you read ANYTHING on this post read the picture above.

This one was getting a bit out of hand so they threw him in the slammer.

The Girls:) Roxanne was smart, she wore water proof...

The Sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Rox, Brad and I on the Cliff Hanger. Notice we're dry...
Not for long...
Ever since I was little I would go to Pioneer Village and look at my, "Dream House."
Isn't it cute? Im gonna have to make Danny build it for me.

Front row on Jet Star

The rest of our Caboose.

Ricker and Cher about to take off on the Flying Aces!

Ricker and I front row on The Old White Roller Coaster!!!
There were practically NO lines all day!
Gotta love the Sky Coaster...
I was lucky to get this shot when the Colossus was upside down.
What a fun day, cant wait to go back next year!


From the People Who Brought You Maxwell....

Now, Introducing...

Simon Reid Smart!!!
Born August 25th, 2010 around 11:00 pm.
8 lbs. 6 oz
20 1/2 inches long
Equipped with A FULL HEAD OF HAIR!!
The proud parents!

He is such a chubby little guy! THEE cutest newborn!
Proud Grandpa Ricker
I already love him so much:)
Rox with the handsome little guy
Grandma Cher was there too, but her pic didn't turn out:(

LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!! I've never seen a baby with so much hair!
You can't help but touch it!
Beetle thinks he looks kind of like a Sharpei...
This is a Sharpei...

Mindy is doing great and looks annoyingly good right after giving birth!
Good work Minde!
Sweet baby Simon!
Welcome to the Fam!


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