Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Salty 100

A couple weeks ago my brother Rangi ran in the Salt Flats 100 mile race.  I know, he's insane.  The whole fam was going out to Wendover.  Some of us to run, some of us to eat, but all of us to support.  
I'm just glad I was in the eating group.  Ricker, Cher, Grandma Phyl and I rode the Fun Bus out to Wendover playing Bingo and working hard to earn our free buffet.

We got to Wendover and met up with the runners at the the Bate's Motel...
I'd say 1 in 6.
^^^Our chances of being murdered in said motel.
While Rangi had already been running the entire day, we headed to the Montego Bay Seafood Buffet.  It is by far the best buffet in Wendover, take it from an experienced Fun Busser.
This little one more than enjoyed herself at the buffet.  

 I already mentioned our classy motel we stayed in.  It even went up a notch when we noticed later that a carnival was being set up right next door.  Score!
How many carnivals have I got this photo?  Millie was the only caucasian child we saw the whole night.  What do white people have against carnies anyways???
 Grandma Cher buying Millie some Cotton Candy.
I stole the rest of these pics from Rangi's blog.
He did an awesome job describing the 100 miler.  You can read his story here.
When I told people we were going to Wendover to watch my brother run 100 miles these were a few of the replies I got...
"Oh so he's running in a team race?  How many of the miles will he run?"
"How much of it is he biking/swimming?"
My personal favorite...
"Is he doing it by horseback?"

My reply was always the same:
"No.  HE is running all 100 miles by himself."
My cousin Rhett, bro Rangi and family friend Bram all competed.  It is a brutal run and not for the faint of heart.  Honestly, not only do you have to be in top physical shape but mentally you have to be very strong.   I think Rangi is one of the strongest willed people and that definitely helped him finish the race  in such good time.  If we didn't have the same hair and nose, I would seriously doubt we were even related.
What an accomplishment running across the finish line after running 100 miles!
I love this pic above.  My mom was the first person he hugged.  She was so proud of him.
We all were!!!
He took 16th place finishing in 27 hours!

The brutal aftermath.  A blister that covered his entire foot.  Ouch!
Good job Rang!  You are my hero.

Friday, May 24, 2013

St.George Quad Date

A couple weeks ago we loaded up the babes, crammed into the Party Barge (our 6 seater Avalon) and headed to St. George.  The weather was seriously perfect and I couldn't help but reminisce the fun times I had living there.  

We went to Swig, a little shop that sells specialty drinks and sugar cookies.  My "Dirty Diet Coke," which consisted of (I think) coconut flavoring mixed into Diet Coke and pebble ice, was divine.
 Roman, Michelle, Bay, Danny, Pearl, Adam and Melissa and I all rented a condo and Jake and Hailey stayed at their condo.  Which was perfect because at night we could put the babies to sleep and play Scum til really late.  Which for us is midnight.

 We went to the St. George temple and walked the grounds.  It is one of my favorite temples!

Roman loves to take candid pictures of me from the most flattering angles.  These angles usually involve my double chin.
  I actually thought this one was cute of our little fam.

When I went to Dixie my roommates and I ate here all the time.  The Bear Paw Cafe was only a block away from my house.  It is soooo good.  If you go there tell them Rachel sent you.
Just kidding, they have no idea who I am, but that would be hilarious.  If you really do ever go there, get the pecan french toast.  AMAZING.
This house was gorgeous.
Our condo had a pool and hot tub.  Both of which, Pearl had no problem jumping in with no one there to catch her.  Scary.

It was a really fun and laid back trip.  We ate a lot of good food, went swimming, did a little hiking and card playing.  It's always fun to go away for the weekend and hang out with friends.  Just what we needed!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lil' Man

Hey Danny, I TOLD YOU SO!

Many of you have heard we are having a boy!  I hate to start my blog by telling Danny, "I told you so!"  But I did.  Who am I kidding, I love it.  Mean wife?  Yes, but I'm happy to be right since I was wrong about everything with Pearl.  We are super excited though!  Danny and I went to my 18 week appointment for the routine of taking my weight and listening to the heartbeat.  I really wasn't planning on finding out the gender, especially since an ultrasound wasn't scheduled, but hoped I would have the courage to beg the Doc for a look.  We listened to the heartbeat and then Dr. Lamoreaux asked if we wanted to take a peak at the gender since Danny came along.  
Word vomit, "YES."
So he took us back to an ultrasound room and we got to see our baby on the 50 inch screen!  I loved seeing him move on the big screen while feeling him kick me at the same time.  So weird, but awesome.  Dr. Lamoreaux did a quick look at our baby's brain, heart, kidneys, ect. and said everything looked great.  That is always a relief for me to visually see them growing healthy and strong.  I love our Doctor's office!  Next was the gender.  Sure enough, lil' man was not shy or afraid to show off his manliness.  Danny was in shock since he was sure it was another baby girl.  I was stoked and immediately demanded a mini Danny, since you can demand such things.  Right?  We will get to see him again for a more in depth ultrasound next week and my due date is still October 8th.

After the appointment Danny went to school and I drug Millie and Pearl around buying some cute little dude clothes!  I am beyond excited to have one of each gender running around.

I have two photos of my last pregnancy.  One, is in a Grinch suit and the second in a public bathroom.
So I thought I'd take some at my half way point.

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and feeling great.  The next month is the best part of the pregnancy, not too fat or nauseous.  With my first pregnancy, I was too proud to buy maternity clothes which makes no sense since I was PREGNANT.  Last week I broke down and bought my first pair of maternity jeans from Ross for $10.  I want to publicly declare my stupidity for not wearing maternity pants the first go around!  I've never known such comfort and am considering wearing them the rest of my life, and definitely to all buffets.  If any of you ever feel too proud, suck it up and buy some maternity pants and actually be comfy your entire pregnancy.  You'll thank me because they're unreal.

Anyways, end of chubby rant.  I can't believe I'm half way!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Danny's Half

A couple weeks ago Danny ran the Provo City Half Marathon.  It was his first half marathon and he did awesome.  A guy from our ward ran it as well and after the race told me this:
"I saw a guy up ahead that appeared to be bleeding from his face very badly as well as vomiting at the same time.  I thought to myself, 'Man I really hope that guy can get some help from one of the medics.'"
That bleeding vomiting guy ended up being Danny, but not for reasons that you'd think.

Around mile 6 he got a brutal bloody nose that refused to quit.  With no tissues at any aide station he resorted to mother nature's help by shoving hefty portions of grass up his snout to stop the bleeding.  Somehow after doing that he inhaled some of the grass which made him start to gag and throw up.  Luckily the man from our ward was carrying tissues and Danny got it stopped but not without being covered in blood.  Regardless of getting the bloody nose from hell, Danny still set a personal record finishing in 1:52 and averaging 8:35 minute miles.
So happy to be done!
A well deserved banana Creamy.
The finishers!  Cassie and Mindy ran the half as well.  Their goal was to finish in under two hours and they did it in 1:59!  They are so awesome and looked so cute even after running 13.1 miles.
Beetle, a brave soul, managed to get all five kids there by himself.  Champion dad.
We are so proud of Danny!  Not only for finishing this race, but for all of the goal marks he has hit and the complete 180 he has done with his health.  He is down over 55 lbs and lookin' fly as ever.  Plus, wasn't the unfinished temple such a cool backdrop for our pics?
I was unfortunate enough to see an 8 month pregnant lady finish in under two hours. 
 So annoying.  
The weather was perfect and Danny had many supporters there cheering him on.  I didn't get a pic of Millie and Roxanne who were also there.

I loved the medals and shirts that the participants got.  Way better than any shirts I've got from races anyways. It seemed like a really fun and big race, as well as one of the cheaper ones in Utah.  Danny will be running the Utah Valley MARATHON on June 8th.  Excited for him!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister-Cousin.

Millie is turning 4 today.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was puking and peeing my pants witnessing her birth.  
Maybe because I was from pregnancy! But this post is about Millie.

She was a beautiful newborn with perfect red lips.

 She just kept getting cuter and cuter.
I am fortunate to spend a lot of time with sweet Millicent.
I just love her.  She is one of the smartest little kids I have ever been around.  She forgets nothing and has an amazing sense of direction.  She has seemed so grown up to me lately.  She is always so willing to help out and is even eager to do so.  She constantly wants to windex my windows or help me change Pearl's poopy diapers!  She is such an awesome sister-cousin to Pearl.  She is almost always willing to share her toys and food with Pearl (Emphasis on the food.) 

Her very favorite thing to do is be outside.  She lives for it.  She will spend the entire day outside exploring, swinging, painting, playing in my parent's playhouse, watering plants, ect.  She doesn't care the activity as long as she can be outside.

 Pearl loves her so much and insists on copying everything she does.  Every morning when Millie gets to our house, Pearl runs up and gives her a big hug.  They play so well together, even though their age difference is 2.5 years.  I guess their closeness in weight makes up for the age gap.

Her favorite food is "Churro toast," from Grandpa Ricker's house.  She loves to go to my parent's house and has a close relationship with them.  Whenever my parents stop by, she begs to go with them and how can I compete?  It's Ricker and Cher we're talking about.
She loves her mom and dad so much and gets so excited to see them when they come pick her up.  She tells me several times during the day that she loves them, it's so sweet.
She is such a pretty little girl who guarantees fun in her presence.  We love her so much and are glad she's in our family!
Happy 4th Birthday Millicent!


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