Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Quarter of a Century???

When did I get so old?  Twenty five sounds old but I definitely still feel young.  Today I am a quarter of a century old.  It's funny how you picture your future.  There are somethings in my life I thought would be different but some that have turned out how I thought/hoped they would.  To name a few...
I thought:
-That I would have like 5 kids by now.  I blame that on my crazy Mormon mentality and the bubble I was raised in. It seems like I am so old to only have one kid in Utah.  I had people ask me why we waited so long to have kids.  It was just over a year people!
-I would be a Kindergarten teacher.
-I thought I would have my Bachelor's Degree:(  I only have 2 semesters left until I have it.   I have to finish!  I am planning on taking a few classes this fall.
-I would be an amazing cook.  I have just started cooking, eeeee.  
-Once you become a mom you're just all the sudden super domestic.  Nope.
-I would have short hair.
-We would have a wiener dog.

I didn't think:
-We would own our own house!  Signing mortgage papers that say your house will be paid off in the year 2041 is a little bit scary and made me feel about 50 years old. 
- Being a wife/mom would be so fun.
-I would EVER buy flowers for my yard rather than clothes. 
-I would EVER like skinny jeans.  I remember thinking in 8th grade how scared I was for them to come back into style. 
-I would have such a cute red headed baby.  I seriously have worried about having ugly kids since I was like 14.  Thank you Pearlie!
-I would still be in the ward I grew up in, but I love it!
-My husband would be going to school to become an accountant.  Aren't accountants boring??

I hoped:
-I would be able to be a stay at home mom.
-To be married to a hunk.
-I would be able to live in PG.
My life is good.

10 years ago:
-I felt so old.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE I was going to High School.  I had watched all my brothers go through High School and they just seemed so old.
-I had just made PGHS cheer.  I was finishing up my 9th grade year.  Cheer was seriously my life and it seemed like all that mattered.
-I had never kissed a boy.
-I couldn't drive.
-I hung out with my 4 best girlfriends every Friday night.
-I had a crush on a kid in my school class who is now bald. 
-I started wearing contacts.
-Danny and I worked at the PG Pool.  Weird huh?
-I lived for Stag Dances.
-I was obsessed with doing my hair or anyone else's who'd let me.  (Now I barely do my own.)
-Danny was a Junior in High School.
-My favorite drink was Dr. Pepper.
 5 years ago:
-I had been working at Los for a year.
-I was going to UVU.
-I had been dating Danny for a year.
-Every night was date night.
-Roman, Rox and I ate at Mi Ranchito every Monday. (Beef Enchilada Monday)
-I drove Pinky to school everyday. 
-Roman and I would go 80's Dancing
-Danny had been off his mission for a year.
-I lived at my parents.
-I didn't have a blog.
-I got my first SLR camera.
-I had a pet hedge hog
-My favorite drink was Diet Mountain Dew.

It's weird how your priorities change and how fast time goes by.  The first 25 years of my life have been great, I am excited for the next 25.  From what I hear the next 25 will go by even faster!
Three years ago I had 11 Birfday raps made for me.  Rangi gave his students extra credit if they would perform a rap in front of the class. To this day, it's still one of the best birthday gifts ever.

(Well, that and getting Pinky) 
These raps are seriously so funny.  We still quote them!  I swear they are worth your time and most likely will make you laugh super hard.  To see more of my old Birfday raps click here.

Here's to the next 25!  I'm off to have Kneader's french toast with Danny and Pearl Girl.  Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Pig

So I took Millie to see some animals today. There were goats, horses, chickens and a really big pig that she creatively named, "Big Pig." She was timid at first but quickly grew to love him. She wanted to feed him the only thing we had with us, Diet Coke, and I told her he ate fruits and vegetables. She asked, "Wachel, can we go home and get some bech-ta-puls to feed Big Pig? Like some carrots? Big Pig will love carrots. I will feed carrots to Big Pig AND Danny!" I'm not sure how Danny would feel about being categorized as livestock, but it made me laugh. I told her after nap time we could go feed Big Pig then maybe Danny too when he got off work. 
I love having some leverage over such a powerful 3 year old. Even if it means letting her, "feed" my husband.

Bribery and Blue Slushies. I call it "Peer"enting.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somethin' bout a Truuuuuuckkk

If I hear these words one more time!  Danny has been singing them to me for 2 weeks straight now!  I swear this song made him think he had to buy a truck.  This week he bought a beast for his Pressure Washing business and it is huge.  Huge and Ugly.  I swear Danny just bought it so he could blast Kip Moore's, "Somethin' Bout a Truck" song.  Every year around Birthday Month (May) my husband begins to think he is a real cowboy.  He starts wearing his cowboy hat or boots randomly to work or the grocery store.  He blasts country.  He talks like a hick.  He wants to watch Lonesome Dove (It's a 7 hour long western movie!) You know... stuff that cowboys do. This usually lasts until the last week of June when he tries to milk a wild cow and realizes maybe he isn't a real cowboy.  I swear the Rodeo feeds the flames, and then thank heavens puts them out.  At least until next May.  
Well this is Danny's beaut.  (I can't believe it's not a picture of me)
Ricker keeps saying how heavy duty it is.  I know it's at least heavy.

Millie has become quite the parrot and will not stop singing, "Somethin' bout a truuuuuck, in a farrrmerrrs feild!"  She even adds in the country twang and it is hilariously cute.   Roxanne takes pride in Millie's usual choice of song, "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles. She has been livid ever since we showed this song to Millie.  Is Millie really a country girl at heart?  Uh oh Rox... your worst nightmare.

Pearl was unsure about the truuuuckk at first...
But she came around:)
Anyways back to the Beast.  It may be hideous and get roughly 5 miles to the gallon, but I think it may have some definite fun potential.  It seats 6 comfortably, but you could probably squeeze a baker's dozen into the cab.  And we thought our 6 seater car was a BOAT.  Our entire car could probably fit in the cab. This truck is spacious! 

 How is it that ALL old trucks smell the same?  They have been owned by different smelling people in different places but I swear they ALL smell the same.  Rome and I decided it's a mixture of dirt and swass.  When I got in this truck for the first time I couldn't help but remember our giant white truck we had as a family growing up so graciously named, "White T." (Short for White Trash)
Ricker is on a roll lately and named the beast. This truck has been named, Palomino Thunder.  If you don't know what a Palomino is, it's a big tan horse.  We might have to talk to Rocky's mural guy.

Hopefully we can find something like these that Palamino Thunder can wear proudly.

I already love this truck because every time Danny sits in the driver seat he is beaming.  I haven't seen him this happy since Pearl was born.  
And I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of the bench seat.

   This is Kip Moore's, "Somethin' bout a Truck."  If you haven't heard it yet then you haven't been around the Elder or Smart home lately.  Last night Danny rolls over and says, "Somethin' bout a truuuckk."  
P.S.  In case you were wondering, Iris Fest is in full swing.  If anyone wants a start or a vase full of flowers let me know!
P.P.S.  Pearl is still cute as ever and getting huge.  Love her!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On Cinco De Mayo we headed down to the Mexican Fiesta in Provo.  
It was a Mexican themed Carnival.  There were several rides, a mariachi band, some awesome food stands and of course Mexicans!
It was a warmer Cinco De Mayo than previous years.
Millie is not into smiling for the camera anymore.  Instead she makes weird faces.  Weird faces and she still looks stinkin' cute!
It was fun watching Millie ride a few different rides.  She didn't smile once! She looked more nervous than anything, but she said she had fun:) 
One of these things is not like the others.  At this Fiesta, Millie's white hair stood out a little. 
Danny in heaven drinking a delicious Mexican Coke.

Ricker feeding Cher one crazy hot pepper.  Then he decided he wanted to try some. He almost ate the whole thing and then couldn't stop crying/coughing/laughing/swearing for the next hour.

Roman and Michelle enjoying the fiesta.  Baby Bay and Pearl were both in their car seats taking a siesta.

Millie was in heaven with the cotton candy and giant churros.
We missed having our Annual Fiesta at the Smart house but it was a lot cheaper with no clean up!  I would definitely recommend the Fiesta in Provo to anyone.

There was a ton of good grub there. We LOVED the tacos!  They were super authentic and super delicious.
We also loved the chili mangos:)  Why don't American carnivals have food like this?  I mean I love a Carnie corn dog as much as the next red neck but this Mexican food was seriously so good.  All of it!
Happy belated Cinco De Mayo!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cheers to Cher

Today I am celebrating my first Mother's Day.  I feel like I have experienced so many emotions lately, on a level that I never have before.  Gratitude. Sacrifice. Love. Appreciation. Patience.
But especially, Adoration for all the amazing mothers I am surrounded by, but namely my own.  Being a new mother has made me realize how lucky I got with sweet Cheryl.  At times, being a mom is hard.  Hard is an understatement.  It can be dang hard. (I know I will think my life now is cake when I have 6 kids:).  Even with a dream baby sometimes I feel like I have my hands full. Right now watching Millie and Pearl every day has given me a taste of what having more than one kid is like.  I wonder several times a day how my mom raised six kids.  SIX?  Did she ever have time for herself?  I'm guessing not much... if any.

I feel Gratitude for my mom today.  Gratitude for sacrificing her time and energy to raise us.  I swear she is always putting herself last to make sure others are taken care of.  

Today I am feeling Appreciation for her example she has always set and continues to set for her children and grandchildren.  Plainly put, Cher is an honest hardworking lady.

Today I realize the level of Patience she has always had with me.   I hope I'm not a grumpy screaming mother.  My mom has always kept a smiling face and easy going disposition.  I'm sure Cher could've been  admitted to a Psych Ward after somedays with us, but somehow she remained sane.  Not to say that Cher hasn't handed out a knuckle sandwich or two to my brothers but I'm sure she could've done WAY more.  She is slow to anger and has proven to really have the patience of Job.  (I try and remember this when I turn my back for a second and Millie is drawing on my walls with red lipstick.)

Today I Adore my mother.  She is one of the happiest people I know.  It seems like whatever situation she is in, there is no complaining from her.  Even when she was battling cancer I remember her always talking about me, and what was going on in my life.  Like what I was learning in school, or what animal I was obsessed with that week.  Never did she tell me how weak she felt or how much she hurt.  I hope I can be as happy and optimistic in life as she has been.
Today I Love my mother.  She really is one of my very best friends.  I love that we can laugh and cry together.  Garden together.  Go on jogs together.  Go through Pinterest together.  Eat See's chocolate together.  I love that we can just sit and talk together.  My sweet cousin Chelsea sent me a letter about a month ago and it said, "You will make a great parent, it's in your blood!"  If parenting can be passed down into one's genes I sure as heck hope that I got some of that goodness!  I know that I do have an awesome example of what parents should be like and they live just around the corner. 

I'm not sure why becoming a parent all of the sudden makes you start to realize how much your parents actually did/do for you.  I feel pretty embarrassed at how ungrateful I have been the last 24 years.  I used to see people's yards and think it was just a yard.  Then I got my own house and yard and realized how much work they really are!  My parents and in laws are always making delicious dinners and I mainly focused on how tasty they were.  Now I see how much money and time is put into them.  Don't worry, I of course still focus on how tasty they are.  I used to see Beetle and Mindy with their kids and it just seemed normal that Beetle had three kids hanging off of him while Mindy took care of a screaming baby.  Now I notice how much patience and love parents have for their children and I can truly say I am now Grateful on a different level. 

Today I am Grateful to be a mother.  I can't believe how much I love it.  I love to kiss Pearl's cute cheeks.  I love to hear her laugh.  I love to watch her smile in her sleep.  I used to always hear people say, "You won't believe how much you love something so fast."  And I really can't.  I loved Pearl from the moment we first met.  She is only 4 months old today, yet I feel like she is an old friend. What was my life like without her?  My dad said the reason we feel instantly connected is because we were all hanging out up in Heaven waiting to come down.  I think it's true.  It has to be.  I keep wanting to freeze Pearl in all of the stages of her life.  I remember thinking at 6 weeks old she couldn't get any cuter.  Then at 3 months I knew that was my favorite stage and now of course I think, "I wish I could keep her this sweet baby forever."  I know it will just keep getting funner as we watch her grow.

Today I feel Appreciation to Heavenly Father for trusting me with such a sweet baby girl.  Kinda scary at first, and sometimes still is, that it's my job to make sure she turns out right.  Yeah definitely still scary.  But I am grateful for the challenge and opportunity.  I hope I continue to Appreciate being a mother and take time to enjoy all the big and little things that motherhood brings.  
Did I mention how much I Adore this little redhead?

On this beautiful Mother's day, Cheers to Cher and all the other awesome moms out there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Escape Artist

While working in the yard I usually keep Pearl in her car seat so I can keep an eye on her and to keep her chubby white body from the sun. 

*FACT: Red heads get burned in less than 5 minutes.* 

But apparently this little girl has plans of her own and is going places! 
She can now get completely out of her car seat in literally less than 10 seconds,  but has yet to rollover.  Danny blames this on her  Elder ghetto booty.  (Little does Danny know Pearl didn't have a prayer to inherit a small booty or small appetite with Smart genes either.) We think this cute ghetto booty also contributes to escaping the seat so fast.   

In the car seat escape, gravity is on her side.  
Pearl, the Escape Artist.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sausage Fest

Last night we went to the Annual Sausage Fest Danny's brother Rick throws every year.
It was so fun!
Bratwursts Galore:)

This was Pearl's 1st Sausage Fest!  She was totally the life of the party and was passed around like the little sausage she is.
It was a beautiful night for a BBQ.
Our little fam had such a great time.  It's weird that at the last Sausage Fest I was pregnant, but didn't know yet!  I'm glad I'm not pregnant this year, it was much funner with Pearlie.

Rick James and Pearl Girl
Ry and Steph
Aunt Rae and Pearl
Rox and I with our Mini Me's
Afterwards we roasted S'mores.
My sweet friend Karlee and I,  who I haven't seen forever!
Cary was by far Millie's favorite person at the party.  Cary is so good with kids and Millie loved him.
He was sure to send her home with a big bag of treats.  I don't know why I was surprised when Millie remembered where the treat drawer was in their kitchen from LAST year's Sausage Fest.

That is a handsome daddy right therrr.
Millie loved the party and even though she was about 20 years younger than the other guests, she made several friends.
The poor girl can't catch a break and probably never will.  Doesn't she look stoked to be getting malled?
The handsome Bros

Cheers to another awesome Sausage Fest!
I love my little sausage!


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