Lil' Queen Kong

 Our lil' Queen Kong is 9 months old today.  Can I just tell you how much better these past 9 months have been than the 9 previous?  Pearl is such a little joy.  
 Nine months is such a fun age.  I feel like she is getting so smart! Everyday it seems like she is learning something new.  She is so busy, she never wants to be in the same spot.  I didn't think I would have to "baby proof" my house so soon.  She gets into everything.

 This past month:
-She got 2 teeth!

-She has started waving to everyone... dogs, cashiers, people at the store, people on the t.v.  She waves at everyone and gets so happy when they do it back.
-She dances whenever she hears music.  It is the cutest thing  I've ever seen!  She contracts her torso and flaps her arms letting out the occasional squeal.  
-She thinks Danny and I are hilarious, it's great.

Doesn't she look so big?  She doesn't seem like my little baby as much anymore.  Slow down time!
-She loves to clap.

She got up here all by herself and had her chubby foot on the next shelf up trying to stand before I snagged her away.
-She is a climber!  Hence the name of this post, "Lil' Queen Kong."  She can climb stairs really fast, she climbs up the back of couches, up TV stands, ect.
-She does not get the concept of going down yet.  She's still fearless and tries to Kamikaze daily.
-She cannot walk yet.  So guess who has dish duty for the next month?  Danny boy.  She really wants to though.  She walks around furniture, next to walls, and stands by herself for a few seconds at a time.  I think she'd be a lot closer if she'd stay off her dang toes! 
-She loves to feed her self little pieces of food like Cheerios.
-She has decided it is quite the nuisance to have her diaper changed.  I feel like I might be joining my brothers in the rodeo next year.
 Two words, calf roping.
This is not really related but I got Pearl's wardrobe for next Summer and I'm so excited.  Retail for all of these clothes would have been $296!  I got it all for $49 with tax and I'm pretty stoked.  Anyways, back to Pearl:)

She loves to go for walks with Millie.  We walk over to a pasture with horses in it and Pearl flips out.  She flaps her arms and screams.  I didn't realize a 9 month old would even care if they saw a horse.  I was wrong, she loves animals.
 Millie was a good sport to hold Pearl in the stroller. 
 After a few minutes she said, "Hey Wachel, get her off of me.  She is too heavy!"
Pearl and Millie are 3 years apart and only weigh 3 lbs different, I won't tell you who is heavier...
 -As you can see, she is still obsessed with any form of water.

 Her cousins come in a close second to water.
-She is obsessed with putting her fingers in other people's mouths.  It seems as if all of Pearl's cousins have to be good sports.
Side note: What the heck happened to the weather?  Pearl was crawling around on the lawn and now she's bundled up in a scarf.  The rain has made the leaves stand out more and I won't complain how cute Pearl looks in a scarf.

Happy 9 months to my sweet baby Pearl.

In case anyone wants to judge.


Mindy said…
Cute Post. She is getting so big! The climbing is definitely Smart related, remember when Annabelle was 9 months old and we couldn't find her.....she was at the tip top of your parents stairs waving at us,Ahhhhhhh!
Mindy said…
this is anna but cute blog
Krystal Ann said…
OK, Pearl is too dang cute! SHe is your mini me! And how in the world did you get all of those clothes for so cheap?!?!?! Please share your secret
Sydney said…
Happy 9 months Pearl! She is growing up so fast. And her smile is just as precious. I swear Rach, does she ever not smile? She just looks so happy all the time! And your Halloween decorations are awesome. Can't wait to see your costumes this year!
Grandma Cher said…
I love the wave, even more than Pearl! And Smarts are climbers!
Michelle Smart said…
Pearl is so darling! I can't believe how old she is looking! Her dancing is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Unknown said…
Cuteness overload!!! ahhh I love it!

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