Since I was a little girl as soon as I hit the bath, lake, river, pool, ocean (any water really), I was the little mermaid.  Maybe it is my red hair or love for water but I thought I was Ariel.  You can ask Rox, every bath we ever took, I was Ariel and she was flounder.
Sorry Rox.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with mermaids.  Assuming I would have at least one girl, I could not wait to dress a mer-baby (Mermaid+baby=mer-baby).  Then Pearl was born and she had red hair... perfect!  Halloween just seemed so far away, then I heard about this baby contest.  Obviously, one thing lead to another....
Introducing Princess Pearl.

The Proud Mer-Parents.
(I often drag others into my obsessions as well)

 I wish I had photos of all the different mermaid costumes I have had, But for lack of any other photo, here's another costume.

Anyways, back to the Contest.  I have never seen so many dolled up babies in my life.  Actually I have never seen so many babies in my life period.  About 33,000 people live in Pleasant Grove and I think they all brought their babies.  There were some really cute ones...
But obviously I thought mine was the cutest.
Hanging out in line with Danny.
Pearl was the only redheaded baby we saw all day!  Maybe we are becoming extinct???

Not if the Smarts/Elders have anything to do with it!
Pearl was lucky to have her Cali cousins in town during the contest.  They came to cheer her on.  
As you can see she loves her cousins.
At the contest every baby got their photos taken professionally.  This was attempt #1.
Attempt #2.  Stoked to be at the baby contest huh???

Attempt #3 
Attempt #4 
Attempt #5
....aaaand Attempt #6.
Even though she wouldn't really look at the camera she still looked cute. A HUGE thanks to Grandma Cher for helping, (helping= pretty much making entire costume) for Pearl.  I think it turned out so cute!
Pearl and her cute friend Blakely, who won the 0-3 month category!  You should see her hair because it really is unbelievable!  If I cut all my hair an inch long, Blakely would have more hair than me and she's not even 3 months old.  It's awesome!
Pearl and her buddy Harrison.  Isn't he the cutest little Sailor you've ever seen???  His mom Amber grew up just up the road from me! 
We had fun seeing other babies and moms that we knew. It's weird most of my friends have kids and a lot of them in the contest!
Two o'clock rolled around and we were ready for the results....especially Danny:)  I love how nervous he was when they were announcing the winners.  I can't wait to see his reaction when Pearl goes on her first date.
They announced the winners and....

Pearlie won!
Princess Pearl with Miss Pleasant Grove.

Pearl with Jiggs (Norm) and Emily Sanderson, the Grand Marshalls of Strawberry Days 2012.

The Winners

She was so good the whole day but at this point you can tell she was ready for her nap.
 It's tiring being so cute.  
Along with getting some toys and a little prize money, Pearl won a ride in the Strawberry Days Parade. She was a total crowd pleaser.... at least to the Smart crowd.  Danny was a proud daddy, but not proud enough to ride in the parade!  Ricker said he would pay him a $100 to wear his King Triton costume, pictured earlier, in the truck with Pearl.  Sadly he declined and she was stuck with me.

Overall I think it was fun for Pearl but super fun for Danny and I to dress our baby up as a squishy mermaid.
She's pretty cute.


Lauren said…
If this is her costume for the baby contest, I can't wait to see what she's going to be for Halloween! And of course she won, she's Pearl and her mother is Rachel. Duh!
Unknown said…
How could she not win though? Really... haha she is the cutest baby ever!
Unknown said…
How could she not win though? Really... haha she is the cutest baby ever!
Brooke said…
so cute Rachel! :)
Grandma Cher said…
She is the cutest little mermaid, well maybe second to her mom. That was so much fun!!! And Danny should have been in the Parade.
Janeal said…
That's a shame there no other redhead babies there! I was going to enter Rowan but we wouldn't have been able to do the parade... Would have been great to see you and your ADORABLE baby!
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