Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pearl and the Emergency Room:(

Last night Pearl woke up crying and when I tried feeding her, (her favorite pastime) she wouldn't eat and felt SUPER hot. I took her temperature and it was 102. So we took her to the emergency room around 2:30 and they did a bunch of tests. They took her blood and x rays then gave her a catheter:( They tested for RSV, the flu, influenza, strep and all came back negative. Since they still didn't know what was wrong they had to do a spinal tap:( The first doctor didn't seem like he knew what he was doing and tried to get spinal fluid for almost 25 minutes! It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. She was SCREAMING so hard she gave her self a hernia:( That Doctor was unsuccessful even after all that poking. So they called the pediatrician on call and he was able to do it in 10 minutes. They sent her cultures to their lab and we will hopefully have some results soon. As of right now her fever is still the same but they have started her on an IV and an antibiotic. We will have to be in the hospital for 2 more days because a baby 6 weeks old with a fever this high is considered critical.
It's so weird because yesterday she was completely normal and happy.
She is not a happy camper right now. I'm missing her smiley self:(
This is a pic of her IV. I had never seen a baby get an IV. They have to board it out like a penguin wing because their arms are so small.
She is snuggling with Danny in the mean time. We will keep you posted as soon as we figure out what is going on:)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 LBS of Luuuuuv.

This is going to be a random post just to update you on the Pearl. Because she's cute.
-She has the cutest dimples.
-She is 7 weeks old on Thursday.
-She is going to be blessed this Sunday:)
-Her rap name has been bestowed upon her by the Ricker. Are you ready?
... Pearl Jam.
(Danny keeps having nightmares that while blessing her he accidentally names her that. Close enough. Her real name is Pearl ANN.)
-She is seriously the smiliest baby ever.
-She has the cutest belly in Pleasant Grove, maybe the world.
-She has pretty blue eyes.

-She now weighs 10 lbs. It's all muscle I can assure you.
Also, here's one for all you mom experts out there. Have you ever had a baby that won't stop sucking on their arm? I wake up in the night and hear Pearl sucking on her arm.
-She has given herself a wicked hickey.
(just in time for her blessing of course)
-She is still rocking the Cheetah:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stay Puft Guys. Stay Puft.

Who doesn't love Stay Puft? Sure he's infamous for wreaking havoc in New York City almost pulverizing our beloved Ghostbusters, but he's pretty cute. Lately I feel like I've weirdly been spending a lot of my time with good ol' Stay Puft.
Meet Stay Puft Jr.
Aka Pearl Girl
The resemblance is uncanny.

I can only hope in weeks to come her body will come to resemble Stay Puft as well.
(I'm on a hunt to find a matching outfit. What is cuter than a chubby baby named Pearl in a sailor suit?? NOTHING. I'm guessing...)

But at the rate her double chin is filling out, I'm sure we'll have no problems there:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet Cheetah #2

You may remember Cheetah #1 as mentioned in a previous post.
Well good news...

Pearl has grown into Cheetah #2!

Normally I'm not a cat person, but who can resist this little girl in Cheetah??

Cheetah #2 on her Cheetah changing pad. Do you love her cheeks?

Its true cats don't like water. We're trying to get this little kitty more excited about bath time.
At least she's not screaming in this one...

Also I put my wedding ring on her finger. Her hands are so tiny and cute!

I can't believe I have become the mom that forces her child to wear degrading animal outfits.

Who am I kidding? I love it.

I wish I had a matching one. This velvety onesie would be the ultimate comfort.
Oh gosh.
Velour might be the new Spandex.

I know I may have issues.
Danny finally had to pack my velvety Grinch suit into storage when I was still wearing it around the house 2 weeks after Halloween. Eee.....

Someday Pearl will probably hate me for these obviously awesome outfits I force her to wear but I can't help it.
I love snuggling this little chub in a velour kitty suit. Can you blame me?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

4 Weeks Old

This week Pearl has started smiling. On purpose! She loves to be sung to and sit in her swing. She is 4 weeks old today and getting cuter by the second:)

This half grin is her specialty.
In her leisure she also enjoys sleeping with Danny...

Being burped by Danny...
You can see one of her dimples in this picture.

In my leisure I love giving her kisses...
And squeezing her cheeks:)

I think this one is so funny. She had just woken up and her hair is unruly.
Still cute:)
If your wondering if she has any other outfits...she does. She has four.
Four that fit her right now. It's a vicious cycle. I can't wait til' she grows into all of her cute clothes!
I have yet to get a pic of her dimples when she's smiling. That is my next task I guess.
Happy Thursday everyone!


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