Monday, January 31, 2011


Civil War has broken out between two of Hershey's delicious chocolate bars.
The fraternal twin candy bars have pretty much left our home a house divided.
I am most definitely partial to the Whatchamacallit.
A divine peanut flavor crisp laced with carmel and coated with cheap chocolate.
What's better than this timeless triple threat?

Thingamajig, Whatchamacallit's ugly brother, in recent years has swept local gas stations and grocery stores trying to compete with it's "cool" older brother. Made with cocoa crisps, a layer of Peanut Butter and covered in chocolate one would think poor carmel-ie Whatchamacallit doesn't stand a chance... Right? Wrong.
Thingamajig is like a cheap knock off of the Whatchamacallit. Why would Hershey's waste their time, and everyone elses, by boot legging their own candy bar???
Just like all fads people have realized what was cool this week is lame the next. Which is why my dear Whatchamacallit wins the prize.
This puppy has been around since 1978 and has boldly held up to all scrutiny.

Tonight Danny looks over at me and says,
"Where the heck can I find a thingamajig? I'm starting to get so pissed off."

I kindly responded,
"You can't find them anywhere because they're sick and Whatchamacallits are bomb."

Danny obviously wasn't having this, so we set off to find his inferior chocolate bar.

7 Gas stations later,

We saw not one Thingamajig.

But do you know what was at every gas station we stopped at? That's right.
Whatchamacallit. I did the right thing and bought a King size.
Don't worry, I gave Danny a bite.

Better luck next time Thingamajig.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Danny Man

This blog is dedicated to my best friend Dan.
He turns 26 today.
Old and Moldy right???
He looks pretty dang good for old and moldy!
He really is my best friend.
This is why....

I seriously cry from laughing at least once a day.
I guess thats why my abs are so great...
-He's a scootin' maniac!
-He surprises me at work with flowers.

-He's not afraid to go to Classic Skating dressed up like an old person.
P.S. He is an awesome skater
-He's hot. I mean seriously, look at that strapping young man!

-At our wedding dinner he sang me a WEDDING RAP. It was the coolest thing ever.
I make him sing it to me like once a week. I love it.

Even though he's a Lone Peak "Knight," (P.G's rival) he still comes to all of our games and cheers on the Vikes.

-He always makes me Breakfast in bed. A lot.
-He always makes sure I'm taken care of.

-He's very athletic.
He can hold his own, even with the Smart Brothers, and that's sayin' somethin'.
He's even been know as, "The White Rhino."
You don't get a name like that being a sissy.
-He takes me on adventures.
-He tells me I look pretty every single day. Even in the mornings when I know I resemble a gremlin.
-He encourages me to do what makes me happy.
-He helps me with my homework.
-He is SO knowledgeable about our Church and it's doctrine.
-He takes me camping.
-He is extremely good at budgeting.
-He fits in with my family so well.
He loves to eat, and he doesn't mind milking wild cows once a year.
What a gem.

-He loves little kids.
-And they love him:)
He will be such a great dad.
-He's hits like the Great Bambino but is much more attractive.
Double threat.
-Danny is such a hardworker. He is always keeping busy and trying to help. He started his own pressure washing business.
-He is very organized.
-He gives me foot massages... ew SICK I know.
My hobbit feet are nast times 10.
-He looks DANG good in hats....
-And turtle necks for that matter.
-He knows I love surprises and does them often.
-If you take him karaoke-ing you will not be disappointed.

-When its snowy outside he makes me Chamomile tea.
-He always shovels our walks and scrapes the car windows:)
-He's a worthy priesthood holder that can take me to the temple.
-He's great to talk to and always has good advice.
-He gives the best kisses.
-He takes me yard sale-ing.
-I seriously have the nicest husband. When Im running late, he'll curl the red fro while I do my make up!!! Crazy, right?
-He's been a very good sport throughout our relationship.
Exhibit A
(P.S. And looks supa fly in gold spandex)

-Exhibit B

-Exhibit C
(Catch my drift??)
-I always have fun with him:D
-I love when he pulls me in close on the bench seat of our car.
-He's not afraid to watch a chick flick with me.
-Danny is hands down the funnest person to go dancing with. Just ask Roxanne and my friends. This brothas got moves!
With a rump like that it's hard not to....
(This could also be labeled exhibit D)

-He's brave/stupid.
-He's strong.
-He buckles me in when we go snowboarding.
-He's my other half.
My rap co-star, DeLi$h.
-He always opens my door.

I know this blog is long, but there is seriously more I could put. Danny is just great.
I love you tons Danny!
Happy Birthday:D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy :^D

Do you ever catch your self smiling just at the thought of something?
Or do you ever see a photo and it instantly makes you feel happY?
I just saw this and couldn't help but smile.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Terrible 1.5's?

Millie has been growing up so fast! She is a smart and cunning little thing.
She can be such a sweetheart but she definitely has become a little sass lately.
Petite. Curious. Busy.
Whether she's being a wild woman climbing on tables
Or making a home out of cupboards, she's busy.
Don't get me wrong, at times she is very polite and well mannered.
Then you turn your back and...
She's rolling in cereal
Or trying to drive a Suburban. No biggie.

She's got all of us wrapped around her little finger.
Especially, Danny....

And the Ricker

She may have reached the terrible twos 6 months early...

But how can you stay mad at that face?

Welcome Home.

I'm instantly happy when I pull up to our house and see these two sweet silhouettes.


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