Monday, November 16, 2009


These are a few pics of our First Halloween Decorations.  Thanks to Ricker for the Pumpkin and to Sara, Rangi, and Roxanne for the AWESOME Halloween Decorations! Such a great idea!  We loved all of it!!

I pretty much live by the statement, "Better late than never" when it comes to blogging... and laundry;)  But Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, and second biggest in the Rick Smart home (can you guess the first?? Its rhymes with Quaint Ratty's).  So I thought I better blog about some of our hALloWeEniE activities.  
Some Of the SPoOkY Decorations at Ricker and Cher's.  Their house looked awesome inside and out!
The Front Porch with all of Ricker's home grown pumpkins!
Ricker serving up some of your not-so-every-day "Witch's Blood"
It was Delicious.  And EVERYONE got their own silver goblet.  Ricker and Cher go all out...
Everyone who came got a homemade hand wrapped Carmel Apple and Ricker's homemade chili.  Im not sure which was better...
Onto The costume portion of the O'Smarts Halloween Party...
250 lb Goldie Locks and One of the Three Bears.
My favorite costume of the night...Beast, aka Beetle.
The Good and Bad Witch, or so I've heard.  Mindy's make up looked awesome!
Bear, Ski Instructor, Cruella,and Baby Dalmation
Chiquita Banana!
Goblin King and Naaaaachoooooooo in his RECREATIONAL CLOTHE-SSS.
Gorilla and his Banana!
Kip.  Later on at the Los G's Party he met up with Lafonda... No Joke.
The Egyptians!!!
Go Griffandor!!
Cruella and her Dalmation Pup:)
Garth and Wayne from Wayne's World...definitely legit.
Some goodies I baked up for the looks like a 5 yr. old decorated them...
Right after we dipped the Carmel Apples.
A Bundt Cake that I transformed into a Pumpkin!  
It kinda struggled.
Things really started getting spooky....
Los Gs got together and built a SPoOkY Gingerbread house.  This was the abominable Ro-Man Brad and I make out of marshmallows, noodles, and red frosting.
He thinks he's so funny?  Dont worry it's frosting, or as we were calling it all night, BLOOD!!
Danny and I next to the Spooky Gingerbread house.
NOtICE:  Look at what time it is on the clock...11:34, backwards hE;ll TIME!!  SpooOOOkY!!! ha
This is the bridge off the back of the house that leads to the shark infested moat that guards the grave yard.  Notice "Blood" everywhere.  I think it really gives it the "Wow" factor...
Danny and I with our carved there anyway Roman's artistic abilities could be passed down to our kids???
Baby Mills with her Mom's Carved pumpkin.
Danny's Pumpkin actually wasn't bad at all. It said SpoOky, one of my favorite words.
This is my pumpkin.  It was supposed to look like me in Pumpkin form...nailed it.
The Smart's House on Halloween Day!
Check out the sweet graveyard
Halloween Night!!  The house was looking awesome and Ricker had Spooky music blasting... it was THE PLACE to be Halloween '09!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Mill's Is 6 Months

Baby Mills is 6 months!!!  Were you wondering why I was blogging?   At least I blog once a month to keep everyone posted on how stinkin cute she's getting.  Sorry many of you may think this pic is creepy, I like it.
Millie was in one of the most serious moods I have ever seen her in... It was right before nap time.  Regardless, she still took really cute photos.

She loves standing... She just needs a little help.

Her feet are her new best friend:)
SO cute:)  I think she looks like a baby penguin in this pic.
I dont know why I can't get away from the old fashion look.  Maybe her 7 month pics will just be normal...

She has also started biting her lip, it's pretty cute:)
This was towards the end of the Photo Shoot.  Doesn't she look thrilled??? 



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