Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Millie Bean is 5 months!

Baby Mills is 5 months!  She just keeps getting cuter...

When you look at her you cant help but smile, and neither can she:)
She is one of the happiest babies around.  She is almost ALWAYS happy!  You cant help but be happy when Mills is around.
Baby Mills and Hot Mom Roxanne Smart. ha ha, just playin.
Rox is such a great mom.  She loves Millie more than anything.  Millie loves Rox so much too!
Check out the sweet baby ugg boots and bear coat.  I already dibs the bear coat for my baby... If I ever have one... ah ha.
Seriously though... how could someone not instantly love that face??  Millie has gotten so big!  She is finally starting to get a ton of rolls:)  Which we love.  She still doesn't hold a candle to Baby Jillian, but we're workin on it!!  Nothing is cuter than rolls on a baby.  I can't believe Mills is already 5 months but at the same time it seems like she's always been around.  We love her so much!

Great Gatsby

Danny and I were able to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner at UVU recently.  It was SOO fun!  I love any excuse to dress up so of course I loved it:) ha.
It was roarin' 20's themed and it was so fun to see everyone's costumes.  This was one of the characters from the Murder Mystery.  She actually ended up being the killer!! ha
We were served a full on meal, including salad, rolls, chicken somethin good, peas, lemonade, and the most important...CHOCOLATE CAKE.  
There were about 250 people there!  There was a costume contest and 5 people won the game CLUE.  I was fortunate to be one of the five!!  It made me feel better about spending $18 on my costume...:)

It was fun to be a brunette for one night, but I'll probably stick with the whole redhead thing:)


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