Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad News...Our Dogs Died.

Just when we were starting to like them...
R.I.P. lil Boldie

Good News...April Fools Eve! They are not dead, just extremely lazy. Good thing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Phat.

Today I got new glasses. I am really excited:)

They are prescription, very different, and many of you will probably laugh at them.
I know many of you WEREN'T surprised to see a title, "Baby Phat" (Baby Phat pronounced, \ˈbā-bē\ \ˈfat\) on my blog due to my Ghetto Fabulousness and Ebonic Rap Star potential (complete with legitimate rap name, Rizzna$ty, and ghetto booty). Nor would you be surprised to find copious amounts of various South Pole, Sean John, or Baby Phat items, "chillin" in my closet. I regrettably admit to actually owning ZERO articles of the previously named clothing...that was until 4:00 (Mountain Daylight Time) today.

These are my new gems.

I am now the proud owner of BABY PHAT.

I'd like to think my style is Ghetto meets Grandma.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Webelos at the Waterfall

One of our boys was graduating from Webelos and still needed to go on a three mile hike to get his Arrow of Light. So, in the snow, we trekked up to a waterfall near our house and our Webelos got their badge. I hope everyone is enjoying this picture because I risked the life of my camera by setting it on a tree limb dangling over the river. At least we got a group pic, right?

OUR boys loved the hike! Boldie will always pose for pictures whereas Stitch NEVER will. In this instance I was holding a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup about camera level. Worked like a champ.
Spring is coming!
Remnants of Fall

Danny was teaching the boys to skip rocks in the river. They were loving it.
The boys crossing the bridge
We made it to our destination... the waterfall!

Webelos Den Mothers...3rd Ward

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ella's my Girl

Ella Fitzgerald is amazing. I love her. Her voice is timeless and this song is priceless. I love her tone and style, I could seriously listen to this song all day...and I pretty much have been. Enjoy:)
--Ella Fitzgerald, Someone To Watch Over Me

*Sorry it's not a live performance this is all I could find.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! She is turning 24 tomorrow! What a great day for a birthday:)

Cher Dawg's awesome checker board cake! I wish I could have gotten a pic when we first cut it. It looked better before, everyone just wanted the delicious cake before I could snap a pic, I dont blame them...
The Rocky O'Smart clan at the parade. Elie was so tough, even though it was freezing, she rode in the strollie without a peep!

Sarah about to blow out her candles!

My deepest apologies to the Rocky O'Smart clan, in all the excitement of my favorite blog of the year it seems there was no pics of them. I was saving the family pic around the birthday cake for her birthday that is actually on St. Patty's but today will suffice. Enjoy and Sorry!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day with the O'Smarts!!!

O'Smarts done it again!! The weather wasn't as pristine as other years, but we O'Smarts march rain or shine! (*Let me apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of pics. This is our biggest holiday of the year and didn't want you to miss out on ANYTHING! ha)

Despite our attempts to stay dry under our festive umbrellas, we were all drenched 10 minutes into the parade. I've never had so much fun though! One way to tell if you really are Irish is if you show up for the St. Patty's Parade even if hail the size of leprecauns is falling.

O'Smarts....est. 1974

Like I said, rain or shine we were marchin!


Irish Beauties
We thought this was funny

The boys were LOVING all the dogs at the parade. This pic shows them meeting up with some Irish Wolf Hounds. They are really cool dogs, and HUGE to say the least.
Millicent and Roxanne waiting for the parade to start

You're never too old to be daddy's girl:)
Leprecaun and Michellie
4 Generations of "Lyrish" O'Smarts!
This was my favorite horse I saw in the parade

The treasure trolls and the treasure!
The trolls and Anna Banana
My handsome leprecaun:) Oh Danny Boy:)

Gettin LUCKY:)
Ricker flying our family crest proudly
I would be lying if I didn't admit to having a fetish for abnormally small horses. I got my picture taken with this little gus last year. I guess HE is my favorite horse of the parade. If anyone else likes them there is a small colony by the PG freeway...:)

These are some videos of us actually marching in the parade. 100% Lyrish...and proud of it.

Ricker said this was his best pic of the day...??
Mind tearin it up...ha ha (that was for you cher:)

Nick just couldn't catch a break! EVERY time he got CLOSE to the gloves someone else, unlucky for him, rolled doubles

G.Phyl Phyl getting down and dirtay in the dice game:)

Please bless we have at least ONE redheaded child to make our family seem more Irish.
Everyone brought a green gift for Green Elephant. Let's face it folks, St. Patty's is bigger than Christmas at the O'Smarts.
My sweet gift I came out with. Its a sin to not get a pic drinking my sweet looove.

Danny and I CLEANED UP in the green elephant! I got the lovely green shirt (DMD) and Danny scored the gator...Provo River, here we come

Ricker smelling his green backs
Snick:) Such a handsome couple
Bens asked me to take a pic of him as a Pirate. Shocked? neither.
No one dared steal this gift...Rox had Cher especially in mind.
Smart sistas and G. Phyl
The fam exchanging "Green Elephant" Gifts

The O'Smarts Casa was looking ultra cute

My favorite meal of the year, CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE!!! It was delicious:)

The Buffy has as much spirit as anyone
She has THEEE cutest gummy smile ever!

As always, we sang, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" O'Smarts sing it like they've been sipping too much ale...:)
O'Smarts know how to party!


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