As much as I hate the acronym, 'OMG' I am at a loss for anything else tonight.
Pearl turned 9 months old 6 days ago.  Tonight she climbed onto this couch in her room AND took 3 steps BY HERSELF.  
We might be in trouble, she seems to be a terribly busy small person.


meg bird said…
Not to draw attention away from Pearl. But I feel like I have to acknowledge how amazing that couch is.

Anyway, look at that little girl go! "OMG" is definitely the only way to describe that haha. Cutest baby ever.
Sydney said…
I too, love the decor in your house. I swear you have such an eye for that stuff Rach.
And now for Pearl. "OMG!" She took three steps! Geez! She is so advanced! I can't believe she got up on the couch by herself! Also, she's FREAKING adorable.
Grandma Cher said…
She looks so cute and little to be on your couch all by herself. Love her!

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