Monday, July 16, 2012

Stadium of FY-YUH!!!

 Our 4th of July started off at Mimi's Cafe.  It is a tradition the Elder family carries on every year that I love.  So fun and so tasty!

 Mimi's Breakfast 2012
 Pearl and Bean in their cute outfits Grammy Pam bought!
"Da Brawts are dat way."
Roman has such big muscles.
Roman and Michelle hosted yet another successful event.  This is another 4th of July tradition that I love, J-Dawgs!
I just love this picture.  Fun times!

Pearl smiling at G. Phyl Phyl

Cher made this cake and it was seriously amazing!  I may have had 2 pieces.
I had 2 pieces.

Pearl's 1st 4th of July

Roman had a Soda Bar after the BBQ.  Some were weird but I thought most were really good!  
Mindy's face, the entire time, suggested otherwise.

We watched the Alpine fire right by Danny's parents house.  So sad!
Danny finally got his hair cut so he wasn't a lambhead anymore.  
His hair literally feels like a lamb when his hair grows out.
When all of that Lambhead ended up on his shoulders and back this was his alternative to a shower.

After his awesome haircut we were headed to the...
(Can anyone ever say that the normal way?  I swear I have to sing it in that annoying voice from the commercials every. time.)
We scooted to the Stadium.  It was SO fun to get the Scoot Posse back together and seriously cut our travel time in half.   Scooters are treated like VIP at events like this.  We parked like 20 ft. from the entrance, sweet love!
Roman with the $13 communal bag of Christmas nuts.
Worth the 800% mark up.
Where do I even start???  Best concert I have ever been to.  These guys are 70 years old and still putting on an awesome show.  It was seriously so great.  Everyone in the crowd knew every word to every song.  They played for almost 2 hours and I wished they kept going!  My favorite songs they played were Good Vibrations and Don't Worry Baby.  I don't know what was better the music or Ricker and Cher's dance moves! 
This lady is amazing.  She still gets around so good!  She was singing and dancing the whole concert too.  She is just the cutest.
Ricker and Cher have seen the Beach Boys several times.  Ricker said he has seen them 20 times live.  I guess they always used to play at Lagoon!  How fun would that've been?
As the Beach Boys put it, "Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world."
Since we were on the THE VERY TOP ROW, we literally were on top of the world for all we knew.
After the first couple of songs we were able to move down and actually got pretty good seats.  It was the funnest 4th ever!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Millicent and Pearl

Everyday I hang out with two cute girls.  Millicent and Pearl.
Some might think watching 2 busy kids sounds miserable. Some might think it sounds easy.  
Most of the time it is really fun.  So fun, I cry my mascara off at least once a day, usually from laughing.  (I am looking into making the switch to waterproof) 

Millie putting plastic Easter eggs down her shirt so she "looks like me." 
Easter Eggs?  Thanks Millie.
This one time I was working in my yard when I heard, "Um Wachey, Can you come here?"  

 I love these two girls so much.

I don't why it's so hilarious when Pearl gets a chunk of Millie's hair and refuses to let go. 
Could it be:

A.  The fact that Pearl is finally getting some revenge.  She doesn't know it of course, but the giant smile on her face suggests otherwise.

B."Puhl StOP taking my yellow hairs! Wachel, she's a bad baby!"-Millie

C. Pearl literally has white knuckles of excitement.

They are pretty entertaining.
Don't worry Millie is STILL in her swimsuit and her lessons got over 3 hours ago.  Don't judge.

P.S. Pearl is 6 months old today.  She actually was at 4:12 this morning.  What a fun 6 months!  I can't believe my baby is half way to a year.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Um... You're Embarrassing Me.

Some of you may have remembered this Facebook status.  Occasionally I have been known to embarrass Roxanne, Danny, ect.   I now have further proof that I am not the only crazy one in mine and Danny's relationship. 
 Last week our sprinklers came on and soon after it started raining.  Danny said the next 20 minutes were a blur.  And so was he. 
"I think I just blacked out for a minute," he said.
 While he was, "blacked out," we saw our neighbors staring out their windows or even openly spectating from their porches at this big lug.   He was out of control running around the yard cartwheeling, swinging, jumping through the sprinklers, dancing.  It was quite the sight. 

 Roxanne peed her pants.
 I almost did.
 There is NO way the bear suit is more embarrassing than this!

And he thinks I'm the weird one. 


Teaching diversity one day at a time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carnie Carn Carn

The City of Fun came and went this year and, as always, it was super fun.  

Because I was pregnant last year I couldn't go on any of the rides.  

 But I think I made up for it this year.

 These were my ride buddies.  They were ALL animals and no number of rides could make them sick. 
I loved it!!!
Danny kept us entertained in the lines:)
As well as the people watching.  
(Pearl is already a people watcher)

We borrowed Roxanne's child for the picture.  The matching girls were so cute.
Carnival 2012 was a definite success!


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