Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Surprise!

Today Danny came home from work with a cute little yellow bag.  I opened it, only to find this sweet little gem. 
 It is a vintage stone cameo set in white gold circa 1920.  I first saw this ring this Summer after the Rooftop Concert series.  We were walking back to Roman's house when I saw it in the display window at the Cat's Cradle.  It was love at first sight.  
Another perk of Danny working at NuSkin... it's across the street from my favorite store.   What a fun Halloween surprise!


Rocky said...

It has always been Beetle, the romantic, making us other Smart brothers look bad. Now we have to deal with Danny too? Uh-oh!

TSavie3 said...

Danny, you are a rad racer! dig it.

meg bird said...

So sweet! And that is one gorgeous ring!

Sydney said...

LOVE IT! Rach you have the best style!


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