Someone found my old bag of 80's dancing clothes which soon lead to a dance party and this.  Introducing my lil sidekick MilliVanilli.  
We were dancing on my bed for a few songs and she said, "So are we having a party then?"  
Doesn't this look like a fun party?  It was until Millie moved the party into Pearl's room and shut all the doors, turned her I-touch volume all the way up with the Beatles and asked me to turn off Beyonce.  Ouch.  It was fun while it lasted.

P.S.  Only Millie could make a saggy bum look that cute.


Sydney said…
Hahaha. The saggy butt! So cute. She has such an adorable personality. So sassy!
cheryl said…
This is classic Millie meets classic Aunt Rachie. Fun! Fun! Fun!
meg bird said…
She's such a funny girl!

PS: I tagged you in the Liebster award. I didn't know what it was either, but it's on my latest post.
Batash said…
She is seriously a hoot! I love it!

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