Saturday, October 23, 2010


Its Game Day, so get ya's Game Face ON
Introducing star Quarter Bark, Boldie...

Our starting Wide Retriever, Stitch Jamal...
This little cutie making sure the players are taken care of.
Go Cougs!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Last weekend was Fall Break. I had Saturday off and Danny had to work so we planned a girl's day out. Rox, Cher, Ricker and I woke up early Saturday morning and headed up to Salt Lake City to pick up G. Phyl. We went yard sale-ing until about 12:00 then we were headed to Kyoto, an amazing Japanese restaurant in Salt Lake.

This is the gang about to dig into our delicious lunch. I may or may not have already snagged a bite...
And of course I got the Tempura Shrimp, its legendary.
After lunch Ricker was on babysitting duty while the girl's spent the next 6 hours shopping.
It was a splendid and definitely much needed Girl's Day Out.
I love my mom, sister, and Grandma so much. It was fun to laugh and talk with them, get/give opinions on clothing items, and reminisce of old funny stories (much at my expense).
Long live Girl's Day Out!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Children Of The Corn

Ever seen Stephen King's film, "Children of the Corn?"
We pretty much had our own version of Children of the Corn this week.
The minor difference?
We came out alive.

No, I'm just kiddin. Even though our boys were CARAAAZY at this activity.
Neat rows of corn do something to young boys.
I shoulda worn my Nikes!

We took them to Thanksgiving Point's CornBelly's Corn Maze.
They absolutely loved it.
We earned our Maps belt loop.
The pumpkin tower!

I was loving the perfect weather!!
I wondered what they did with all the corn from the maze.
Oh of course, they turned it into a giant play pen.
Why didn't I think of that?

I learn several life lessons from these boys every week. These are a few of the, "lessons" I learned at this activity.

1. I learned that ten year old boys would rather listen to Taylor Swift than Vampire Weekend.
(Yes, Joseph is singing into a pumpkin stem and yes they knew every word)
2. That while being stuck in stopped traffic with your gas light on Taylor Swift can really start to bug...
3. That if you tell them to pick a treat off the bottom shelf they will whine for ten minutes on why they would rather you buy them these sweet sunglasses.
4. If you go to a gas station, LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.
5. A big, "You're the coolest Den mother ever!" Makes it all worth it:)

We love our boys!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Recently we went to the Utah State Fair.
I LOVE the fair.
The Freak Show, Prize winning pigs, rinky dink rides, deep-fried-everything, the different booths/boutiques, and ESPECIALLY the people watching. To think I thought the freaks came out of the woodwork at Lagoon!
This was Danny's first time EVER experiencing all the fun the Fair has to offer!
To think he went (GASP) 25 years without deep fried gator!!!

Yes. It's true. I HAD to buy the, "Alligator on a Stick."
I asked the robust woman in the trailer selling the strange delicatessen how good the gator on the stick really was.
She said, "Honey, it's to DIE for."
Man was she honest.
When I bit into it, I wished I WAS dead.
"Unusual texture," and "Smoky Flavor," bring on all new meanings.
Though the Fair stands for adventure and trying new things...
I think next year I'll stick to Funnel Cake.

This is Roman on his first try getting a bite of the gator down. Though it was unsuccessful, at least it was in his mouth longer than the second try.

There was a really cool show with these cute seals. I could believe how well they were trained.
It made me feel like a failure with my dogs.
I wish when the song, "I like Big Butts," came on, Boldie would start shaking his butt. Or that we could start a Congo line in our living room like the one above.
Where did I go wrong?

The prize winning pigs always hit close to home.
Remind you of anyone???

How about these guys?
At least we don't have to deal with all that saw dust.
I love our prize winning pigs:)
Of course Millie is smiling, look who's holding her....

Elie and I in front of the GIANT gator!!!
(who in my opinion looks totally fake)

This is the Beatles Tribute Band, Imagine. They played a free concert the night we were at the fair. We have been lucky enough to see them twice in two weeks! If any of you know Roxanne, she is obsessed with the Beatles so it was a good birthday present to see them twice in her birthday month!

This is Danny Burt. He is the drummer, aka Ringo Starr, and one of Ricker's best High School buddies. They traveled all across the country right after their missions doing odd jobs. We met him after the first show we saw this month. It was fun to meet one of my dad's old friends. He is a very talented musician. His drumming and singing was definitely impressive.
Roman and Michelle enjoying Imagine.

Millie, can you say, "Diet Coke?"
Next time you see her you should ask her.
Because she can...

I know I shouldn't have taken this pic!!! But you have to admit it's a little funny.
Its always a good time at the fair!

The Beatle's Concert was the perfect way to end our evening.
Danny said his first time to the Fair was a success and he definitely wants to go back next year.
That is, if we don't have to eat anymore Gator-on-a-stick.
I don't blame him!

Roxy turns 21!!

Roxanne, aka Pop Rox, turned 21!!! So of course we were headed down to Wendover to celebrate.

Los Gs hopped on the Fun Bus to give our luck a try...
We even brought Rick and Cher along for their maiden voyage on Le Bus.
Nothing is better than a Cowboy hat behind a slot machine.
Then I remembered...
Nothing is better than TWO cowboy hats behind TWO slot machines.
Cher and I dressed in Black and White standing in front of the Black and White Band.
Clearly they asked us to join the band and gracefully we declined.
We had some monies to win!!!

Though none of us won big, we were all winners at the epic Montego Bay Buffet.
Never disappoints:)
Beginner's luck!!! At least somebody won a little!
Happy Birthday Rox!


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