Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Portraits

So we're getting family pics next week since we have like 3 of our whole fam together.  Who wants to see Danny and I when you can just see the Pearl Girl? I actually love seeing Danny and Pearl together, but anyways.  I'm not sure our new ones will turn out, but at least we're getting some done.  I love a good google image sesh, so I searched awkward family portraits.  LOVED IT.  This blog could be a super big waste of your time, but it could also lighten up your Monday.  Can I tell you that I just love people?  I hope you love their family portraits as much as I did...   

Matching is the only way to go right?  We better head to Cal Ranch.

OH MY HECK I WISH!  But I would request Donatello for obvious reasons.

I'm saving this one for some Senior Picture ideas for Pearl.
This young lady reminds me of someone from Milford, UT.  Am I right?
I am.  Definitely.

Danny made an Awesome King Triton, I'm sure he'd make an awesome Centaur.

The Photographer made it very clear no pets are allowed.  Dang it.
At least we can still match in white satin.

Love this!  Bad hair? Bad make up?  Ugly kids? No prob!

What a great pose!  The all levi look is icing on the cake.

The youngster down front scares me a little, but I like this family.
I think we'd get into the same Sci-Fi movies.

Danny wishes I never saw this.  Because let's be honest, I'd make it happen.

The glasses, the half beard, the laser background, the creepy cat, the even creepier facial expression.
Another friend from Milford?

I thought this might be our winner but I decided to save this pose until we have more kids.

And definitely my fave!  Where can I track down these suits?
I'm sure this beautiful fam wouldn't mind a little Sci-Fi either.

Let's face it, if Pearl is in the pic, it's gonna be good.
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Babies are just cute

I have really been trying to work on my manners lately.  Most of Pearl's life when people told me she was cute I'd reply with, "I know, right?" I have been trying to say thank you and accept the compliment graciously.  I honestly have to try and remember.  She really is just so cute to me though.  
                              I call this one, "Baby Jabba. Short for Jabba the Hut of course.
She is always either smiling or scowling.  My dad says she got Rangi's scowl and Rocky's smile.   She definitely executes her moods by her facial expressions. 
Pearl is 3 months old now!  
-is still sleeping through the night between 8 and 11 hours!
-has started laughing. 
-weighs 14 lbs.
-has started drooling quite a bit this week.
-tries to talk when you talk to her.
-loves to suck on her hand(s.)  She is queen of double fisting it.
-still loves to be on her dad's chest.
-has started to take awesome naps during the day.
-cannot help but smile if someone looks at her.
-only eats buffet style.
-loves to snuggle.
-still does not love tummy time.
-grabs at everything and refuses to let go with her Kung Fu Death grip.
-makes me want to cut my hair.  

Does baby Pearl have curly hair? I know she DOES have an attitude problem when getting out of the bath.
    She really is almost always happy. If she makes eye contact with anyone she smiles so big she can't stand it.

Some babies are just cute.  And  how we got so many cuties in one family?  I don't know but I'm stoked.   I'd be even more stoked if #2, Violet,  of the fearsome foursome was in Utah.  We're loving all these babies around!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm not sure why I thought once a person has kids their life is all work and no fun. Being a parent is so fun. It can be hard work but it's by far the most rewarding thing I know I'll ever experience. This Easter, I was wishing I had someone (old enough) to make an Easter egg hunt for. I decided, 27 is old enough right?

Danny might get sick of the kid in me but I'm not sure it's going anywhere. I made an Easter Egg Hunt for him in our yard. It was mildly awkward having our neighbors watch Danny, by himself, walking around our yard picking up colorful eggs. I loved it though.

To find his eggs, Danny called in the help of this cute little chickie.
I can't wait til she can get into Holidays!
After our Easter we headed over to Ricker and Cher's house. The Easter Bunny at the Smart's home left glitter and confetti all over. It was so fun!

Brutus thought the glitter and confetti was pretty fun too.
Not quite as much fun as Danny had vacuuming it up for 45 minutes...

Millie loved her Easter Egg Hunt. Not much competition but she was still way excited
We had a fun Easter. I love when General or Stake Conference fall on Easter. This year we had Stake Conference. My purse may or may not have been filled with Easter candy:)
After that we enjoyed spending time with the Carter Family at Danny's Aunt Stacey's house.
Pearl in her favorite spot, Danny's chest. Nothing like an Easter nap after the sugar crash.

My first pic of me with Pearlie smiling. I love it!
This is us waiting anxiously for baby Bayliss to be born.
Pearl couldn't wait to meet her new cousin.
Doesn't it seem like slobbery Pearl is looking at Baby Bay like her afternoon snack??
She hun-geee!
Pearl maybe used to look like a St. Bernard but has quickly grown to resemble a tank next to Baby Bayliss. We're so excited to have the caboose of the fearsome foursome here. He is so cute!
Hope you all had a Great Easter!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Millie dyes Easter Eggs

Last Friday Millie came over to hang out with Pearl and I. It was a fun and busy day. We started the snowy day out by dyeing Easter eggs. Millie loved it.

She chose what color each egg was to be dyed.

She dyed an egg for each person she knows. Well at least 24 of them.
She let me know which egg was for which person.

This is the only pic I got of Millie with her egg. As soon as I handed it to her she whacked it on her head (I wonder where she learned that Grandpa Ricker??)
When she saw the damage she started crying that her egg was broken.

It used to be a cute egg.

After about 5 minutes of coaxing, she got over her sorrow or maybe just ate her feelings

Pearl already loves Millie.
Millie about to give Pearl a kiss:)

Millie and her buddy Brutus.
Millie is pretty funny and is definitely super busy. She keeps me entertained. We all love her:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pearl's Blessing

Baby Pearl was recently blessed. It was such a special day for our little family. Her blessing was so special and she looked so cute in the beautiful dress Grandma Cher made her. Cher is so talented and it seriously turned out awesome, I knew it would:) Afterwards, we had a family gathering at our house. It was the first time we had anybody over for dinner and we loved it!

Thank you everyone who came and helped. Everyone contributed and we really appreciated it!
The Elder Family

The Smart Family

Four Generations

Great Grandma and Grandpa Elder

Best Friends:)

Pearlie loves her Aunt Rae
Rick, Cary and Pam
Pearl Girl, and I, got to meet the beautiful Evie! Isn't she darling?

Isn't Livi so pretty?

This photo is dedicated to two people, Rangi and Rocky who for obvious reasons will love this photo. The most updated Red Head picture!
Danny gave Pearl the most beautiful blessing, I'm so grateful for him and the great dad that he already is. We love our Pearl Girl!


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