Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The Week started off with Ricker's Birthday Lunch.  Coachman's Restaurant never disappoints.
I love any excuse to go to Salt Lake.  I love the drive up, it's always fun to talk/joke with my parents.  They are the funnest people I know.  If only Danny had been able to come!
 Pearl LOVES sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat now.  I think she likes to be up with all the action.... aka Smarts stuffing their faces.

Danny's internship at NuSkin is going really well.  He is loving what he does, and I'm loving how sharp he looks every morning.

Danny, Pearl and I went to Cabella's to feed the fish.  Cheap entertainment.

Saturday, Danny's sister Rachel watched Pearl for us.  We went on our first date 6 years ago last Saturday (Oct. 13th), so we try and keep the tradition going of on a date that day.
The Hughes Family had extra tickets again so we got to go to the BYU vs. Oregon Blackout game.  It was really fun and the stands looked so cool with all the fans decked out in black.
The game was actually a really fun one to watch, until the last ten minutes when we lost!  We still had a really fun time going out on our "First Date" date.
 This is what Danny calls a "McChugger." A McChicken in between a McDouble Cheeseburger.  
I call it a McMightneedatriplebypass.  Danny made me try a bite and it actually wasn't that bad.  But thinking of all the See's chocolate I could eat in it's place, probably 3,300 cal worth, Um... no. 
 Pearl loves our Primary class.  We teach CTR 4, they are so cute!

Cary was nice to keep Pearl entertained during Sunday dinner with his water glass.  She loves water!

Life is good.  Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Batash said...

You're the cutest little family ever. I'm super jealous... haha!

Beetle said...

I love the "McChugger". Although where I come from we call it the "McBitchen". You can't forget the "sweet and tangy" BBQ sauce and a handful of french fries on it either.

Grandma Cher said...

That is a fun blog, and Beetle cracks me up!


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