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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dam Tired.

Yesterday I finished my 2nd Half Marathon.  My mom, sister and I ran the Hobble Creek Half.  It was a really good experience for the most part.  The funnest part of the run was actually the nerve racking bus ride to the starting line.  Us three laughed at the stupidest jokes probably out of anxiety and sleep deprivation.  While on the bus Roxanne said, "I feel like I'm on my way to Hogwarts."  That or a concentration camp.  Yeah, we were deliriously tired.

Waiting to go to Hogwarts.
My biggest frustration of the race?  I charged my Ipod the night before and right as we were getting to the starting line I looked down and it had been on for hours!  The power bar had only the tiniest sliver of red leaving me with NO Nike Plus and even more importantly NO music.  It was so annoying having no idea how fast/slow my pace was.  After I got over feelings of anger/regret, I started listing Pros and Cons of running with or without music.

*Disclaimer, this portion is probably not worth reading.

Running With Music:
- I swear you don't remember you are running as often.
-I love to run to the beat of songs usually making my pace faster.  I don't want to sound cheesy, but I am.  A good beat can pump you up.
-I can't hear myself breathing... or panting.

Running Without Music:
-It was interesting/annoying to eavesdrop on other runner's convo.  From this I mainly learned that girls/women are annoying.  I know I am too, but really their conversations were... ugh.  I followed behind two older gentleman and one was a financial planner.  Danny would've have loved to jog behind them.
-I felt like I could enjoy Hobble Creek Canyon more.  I loved to hear the sounds of the creek and birds chirping.  The leaves are already starting to change up there and it was beautiful.
-I hate being able to hear other people breathe and their feet dragging, it makes me tired.

*You can start reading again.

I saved my splinter of Ipod energy for mile 12.  I can't believe how much it helped!  Even though it was a change to run with no music, I hope I never run another race without it.

The 3 Amigas

I feel like I kept a pretty good attitude throughout the race,  til' I read through mine and Rox's texting conversation.
(Don't mind the spelling errors)

  This was during the uphill portion around mile 9.5...
My hips started to feel like they were going to detach from my body.
I don't think I have had this unpleasant of a disposition since I was in labor waiting for the epidural to kick in.  Then around mile 11 my hips just went sort of numb. 
Numb is good, right?
Folks the numbness has definitely worn off and I am now walking like a 90 year old woman.  Can't imagine how awesome I'll look hobbling around at church today.

 Just like I predicted... A THREE WAY TIE FOR FIRST!!!
(Notice: This photo may have been posed)
Roxanne is insane and ran it COLD TURKEY!
Today she said, "Every single muscle in my body is sore."  She's crazy.
 Cher is an animal.  My hot 57 year old mom beat BOTH of her daughters!  She didn't walk even ONCE.  She's my idol.  Ricker, Danny and Pearl were at the finish line cheering us on.  I don't think I've ever been so happy to see my family! Icing on the cake, I was welcomed by a 100 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper... SWEET LOVE.
SO happy to see these two!
The little babe that was woken up and strapped into our jogging stroller every run of training.  It was weird running the race without her!  I was so happy to hug her cuddly little body still in her jammies at the finish line.

It was a really fun race, my mom is freaking awesome and ran it in 2:19!  I finished in 2:22.  People asked Cher, Rox and I what our goal time was and we replied, "To finish!"    It's odd that I wasn't even sore after our 11 mile run.  I'm not enjoying my sore hips and difficulty walking, but I do feel accomplished. I could have trained better for a faster time, but I didn't.  It was still a really good experience and I hope to make this half marathon a tradition.

If anyone needs me, I'll be relaxing in these babies. Cuz I'm Dam Tired.

Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Month Pearl

This post is all over the place, which seems fitting because now, so is Pearl.

She is 7 months old and moving everywhere.
One of her many Beach Babe poses.
We've come a long way with tummy time.

She had her 6 month check up 2 weeks ago and had to have some shots.  Shots are always fun....
She screamed SO hard and then as soon as I picked her up her head swung around and she smiled a huge smile at the nurse.  The nurse said, "Boy, she is quick to forgive."  

Her percentiles:
Head: 73%
Height: 75%
Weight: 71%
She is still really smiley, but I swear I can see her little brain running a hundred miles a minute thinking about who knows what.  It is weird how much progression she has made in just the last month.  She now:
-Can crawl
-Sit up
-Eat solids
-Babble sounds like ba ba, ma ma, da da
-Pick things up with her thumb and index finger
-Occasionally do a sit up
-Fake coughs (She always smiles at the end like she knows she's so funny)
-Find the tiniest particle on any floor surface.

BUT, She is yet to have any sign of a tooth.  I'm a sucker for her gummy smile anyways.
She still:
-Hates her Car seat
-Puts everything in her mouth
-Loves to swing

I have been completely unsuccessful in keeping her even moderately clean after a meal.  How do you parents do it?  She insists on holding the spoon, leaving peas and pears on my kitchen windows.

She doesn't spit up often anymore, but when she does....
Be glad you weren't holding her.

She loves to swing.

Love her.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Brutus the Bulldog

Brutus Kevin Elder turns one year old today.  Wasn't he a cute pup?
This is the story of how he came into our family.
This story begins as quite the tragedy.  Last October we lost our dear Boldie and Stitch.  We were sad.  Like REALLY sad
Boldie was a sweet spirit.  I hope someday we'll have another handicapped Frenchie:)

I got Boulder when he was a puppy as well.  He moved out with me when I lived in Provo, he slept with me every night, he rode shot gun in Pinky BUCKLED into his seat belt.  He was there throughout me and Danny's long dating period.  A month after we were married we got Stitch to keep him company.  We loved our boys.
It's weird how much you can cry over a dog and how they really seem to become members of your family.  Our house seemed so empty. 
Danny said we needed to get another one.  He said he needed a friend at home to play with in the yard. I consistently said no.   Looking back, I can't believe I said no to a French Bulldog and yes to a pig??  I'm crazy.  Anyways, back to our story.  He begged me everyday all day to get another Frenchie.  I would consistently get texts saying, "I went and bought him babe.  He is so cute.  I'm bringing him into your work right now."  I would reply, "I'm still grieving, I don't want a dog... P.S. You're full of crap."
Everyday same thing.  He would tell me he got a puppy and of course he hadn't.  Until this one Friday, I was working on some applications and I looked out my window to see this little cutie.

Don't mind my fat prego belly.
Just for the record, I couldn't believe Danny bought him without my permission!  That was a big purchase, especially since I repeatedly told him not to.  But secondly, I couldn't believe how quickly I fell in love with him. 

Brutus is no Boldie or Stitch.  He has his own cute personality and we love it.
Simply put, Brutus is Brutus.  

When Brutie was a pup he was mistaken for a bunny often.  
He had GIGANTIC ears.  I swear they haven't grown since we got him.  

His biggest downfall was his chewing habits:)

5 am. Christmas morning.  Two weeks before Pearl was born!

We love Brutus.  
He breathes so cute.
He jumps so cute.
He's just really cute.

Brutus really is quite odd when picking friends.  His other BF is a cat.
 Brutus is a fun loving Frenchie.  He loves kids, playing tug of war and cuddling.  
We might just have to buy him a couple double cheeseburgers to celebrate:)

So this story has a happy ending, we have a really sweet dog that Pearl is already obsessed with.
We're happy to have little Brutie in our Family!


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