Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Los G's dun it again!!!  Notice us throwin up our cholo gang signs... Gotsta represent Los G's.
Every Cinco De Mayo Party needs a pregnant woman in a moo moo accompanied by a sickly bright blouse with shoulder pads bigger than your head... we've some how managed to accomplish both of these.
Raquelle...aka "The Pimptress" with her Los Vatos
Who knew Cinco De Mayo was such a Romantic Holiday???
The coveted Churro machine pretty much made our party.
Los Smart Amigas...TOO HOT TO DEPORT.
Our thiry pound pinata!!
Some of the Los Gs all hopped up on Horchata and Churros...
Everyone at the party had to have either a beauty mole or a mustache...Danny's was sweet:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Danny took me to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point and asked me what my favorite color of Tulip was, and I told him pink, (big surprise??:) So we walk off the path and are walking down the prettiest rows of tulips, when Danny pointed out a really pretty pink one that I should take a picture of.  So I took like five pics no joke of this one tulip and I could tell Danny was getting frustrated.  He kept saying things like, "Zoom In." or, "Try getting it from the top."  I kept thinking to myself, "There are millions of these!!!  Im sure I have gotten one that will do it justice..."  Then finally (because Im a little slow...eh...) Danny moved the camera out of the way and said, "Just look how pretty it is."  I set down the camera and looked inside and this is what I found!!!
My ring in my favorite color of tulip!  Despite my awkward attempts to ruin a romantic moment (it comes naturally) it was still SO cute.  So now its official folks, we're engaged:)


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