Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Eh-Ssweaty Eh-Ssweater.

Man what is up with me and accents lately?  The ironic thing is, I'm terrible at every accent excluding Pleasant Grovian Hick.
Anyways, recently Roman and Michelle hosted a super fun Sweaty Sweater Party at their adorable Christmas house.  
Everyone came dressed to impress.  Yes I put my baby in a Velvet romper, reindeer antlers and then handed her to a 6'5" Elf screaming, so I could take a pic.  Mother of the year award goes to me!
Roman helping Ricker into his classy vest.
 I guess when I'm laughing and Ricker is "Jump flexing" the picture will be blurry.

  Southern Comfort is right!  Roman splurged on the gourmet Egg Nog, and Praise Ye the Lord it was amazing!  I said "There are probably 400 calories in two teaspoons of this stuff."  Rhett quickly replied, "No, 2 sniffs."  It's that good folks.

 There was a ton of good food.
  Cookies, donuts, hot chocolate, egg nog, taquitos and guac, cranberry salsa, chips, POP, ect. 
Ya know, the good stuff. 
 Dare I say our best sibling photo yet??

Roman kept the party cozy with this "Digi-Fire."  So tech savvy that Roman.
Just a couple of gents enjoying nice convo by the fire.
 Next we got out our White Elephant gifts.

 Monica scored big time with an entire bag filled with various breathtaking kitten items.
Ricker looking at his item and forcing a smile.
 Mindy's beautiful Wizard Wind Ornament.
Just throwin' this out there, also a forced smile??

 There were some funny White Elephants, but mine was the best!  It was this amazing oval clock and two dollar bills folded like elf boots.  Totally awesome.
Next the awards!  "Best overall" went to Rhett.
 The "Best Ensemble" category was swept by Roman.  Or should I say Lester?
And the, "Nastiest Sweater" ended with a unanimous vote for Beetle!

 I brought my green screen and new light kit in hopes of having Roman photoshop a classy meadowscape into the background, but with the wrinkles it didn't end up working. 
 So enjoy the ugly green backdrop will you?

 Sister glamour head shots in ugly-as-sin-sweaters?  Don't mind if we do...
 Roman grew and grew his mustache for the occasion.... and then applied a little mascara to "enhance."
And then, where the real party was at...
 the green Houndstooth chair has never looked so cute!

Until next year my Sweaty Sweater friends!

Monday, December 17, 2012


 This isn't my first rodeo folks, I have dealt with a fro since a young age.

Oh wait... You need a zoom in? 

  Over the past couple years I have decided to revisit my childhood, and sport the red fro.  
Since it's obviously highly desirable, here's how you do it...
Step 1: Twist small pieces of hair until they start rolling up into these beautiful knots.  Before you start rolling the piece spray with some water and hairspray.  The smaller and more frequent they are the tighter the curls.  Also, obviously the longer you leave them in, the tighter the curls.  I slept with my over night.
We literally woke up like 30 seconds before this was taken, you can't tell can you? We're both so photogenic.  The reason Danny took a picture is because Pearl has never seen my hair like his and she was laughing and squealing so much.  It was hysterical. 

Step 2: Make sure the knots are dry, if they are unroll.  If not, blow dry each one for a while to make sure they are dry.  When they are, unroll and begin to separate the pieces.  
Step 3:  Start the teasing, depending on how big and outrageous you want your fro.
(Tip: The bigger the Fro, the bigger the fun)
Step 4: Fluff and Spray with hairspray.
Step 5: Enjoy being the total envy of your party.  

...Well that, or the laughing stock.  With me, it was probably the latter.

Step 6: Have fun the next day with the mess that is dreads.

 When Millie saw me unpicking this fun mess she yelled, "Hey, Brave!"

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Lights and Red & Green.

 Now that we finally started decorating for Christmas, there's a lot of Christmas love filling our home.  Almost more than Brutie can handle.

 Pearl had a breakdown when Danny didn't take her outside to help with the lights.
 So in the freezing cold, I took Smiley out to watch the entertainment.  Entertainment, because let's be honest, putting up  Christmas lights is quite the task.  I think more swear words are dropped in the month of December because of this.  The combination of a slick roof, freezing temps, and then one bulb goes out... FOR THE LOVE!
 Danny came through yet once again and Christmasfied our house.
I love my Coca Cola Santa.  He is an ad from the 1920s.

A girl I used to babysit made these and gave them to us for our wedding.  I love to hang them on the tree every year.  If you look close you can even see a little diamond on my hand!
I can already tell it's going to literally be a Christmas Miracle if the Pearl Girl doesn't pull our tree over.  She is obsessed!
And I'm obsessed with her!  I was snuggling her as much as I could last night by the tree and decided I'd try and take a picture of the two of us.  I love her so much and can't imagine my life without her.  Christmas is going to be so fun this year with her!

P.S. It snowed again today:)


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