Fatty Ratty

 Old houses make especially good haunted houses.  When you picture Dracula rising from his casket, or a witch stirring her cauldron do you picture an Ivory Home?  Probably not.  I picture an old rickety Victorian house with a cast iron fence up on a hill.  Just talking about it gets me so excited for Halloween.  My house may not be that old house up the hill but it's old, so in my book that still makes it a good Halloween house.  (When it comes time for Christmas the squeaky floors and mysterious other sounds aren't quite as charming)

 The decor might not be great but Millie, Pearl and I had fun putting it all up.
Anyone else excited for Halloween?


Grandma Cher said…
Super Cute Decorations!! Come do my house!
Savage said…
I love the owl. love it.
meg bird said…
Gahhh I love Halloween! And your decorations are adorable. Love it.

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