Oh Gosh.

This post is a random one.  Just random stuff that has happened in our lives.  Some funny, some annoying.  Read if you want! :)

Danny: "That shirt is cute.  Where'd you get it?"
Rachel: ".... Um. Grandma Phyl was taking it to D.I."

I was at the Dollar Store last week and it was quite the experience.  If you know me,  you know I love the Dollar Store.  I rarely leave the store without buying ten things.  It's just so fun.  Anyways, my most recent trip made me a little weary of my favorite store.  There were only two people ahead of me in line, but only one check out open.  One lady had quite a lot of items and then next, a heavier lady in a motorized wheel chair just had a few in her basket.  The first lady ended up having 78! items! What the heck?  I was shocked I have never seen someone spend that much at the Dollar Store.   At this point Millie was everywhere in the store, but mostly trying to embarrass me, saying the heavier set woman, "has really grown big." I was feeling pretty antsy because of this, and the fact that Pearl was in the car with Ricker, hopefully not crying. (The 64 oz of Diet Mountain Dew I downed on the way over was probably not helping either.) I was about ready to call it quits and break Millie's heart that she wouldn't be getting the squeaking rat she had already named Nancy, but decided that the lady in front of us only had a few more items.  Then she told the checker to turn around, she had a whole shopping cart of stuff pushed up behind her!  Millie and I sat in that stupid line while the checker rung up 129 items!  THAT is a sickness my friends.  Will that be me in 30 years?  Aaaah. Then the woman asked if I could help her out to her van with all of her bags.  So Millie and I rang up our items, $8 worth, and helped her out to her car.  I was happy to help her and felt really bad.  Her van was full of cats.  Yes, live cats. And it stunk so bad.  Millie just kept saying, "What that mell?"  Worst trip ever.

Moral to this story:  Don't ever spend more than $20 at the Dollar Store or you'll probably end up living in a van down by the River...  and the van is full of cats!

But just so you know Millie came home with Nancy the rat, so all is well.

Danny: "Ya know, Corn Nuts aren't as good as I remember them being when I was 10.  Even the Ranch ones.  I wish I would've tried some before buying this giant 24 pack from Costco.  The good thing is, only 21 more to power through."

(Previously posted on FB)
So Millie got home from preschool and was talking about some boy. I asked her what his name was and she said, "I can't know his name." I corrected her and said, " No, it's, 'I DON'T know his name." She replied, "Listen Wachel, that's just how I say it." Touche little Millicent.

My mom talking to someone at our ward BBQ: "I know.  At every talent show I was always wishing our kids had some talent!"
Me: "Dude, Mom.  I am standing right here."

Someone was helping Roxanne fix her computer at work and the last thing searched in Google was, "Stuff to do in a Bear Suit."  And she said I was stupid for buying it! Best $3 ever spent.

Millie very nonchalantly: "It's Appleseed's birthday." handing me a paper apple from preschool.

Danny: "Pearl is totally going to be a ballerina."
Me: "WHAT about Pearl is like a ballerina?"
Roxanne: "...Well she is pretty pale???"

Life is good and usually pretty entertaining.  To update the blogosphere on the Elder Family's life as of late, I am still watching Millie and Pearl during the weekdays.  I also watch Pearl on the nights and weekends, lucky me! I really do love my life though, I can't believe how blessed I am.  I really love being a stay at home mom.  Danny is no longer selling insurance.  He still works at Home Depot bright and early at 3:30 am everyday and the last couple weeks has been building Utah's biggest stucco company, new headquarters off of Geneva Road.  We are really excited though because he just got an internship starting next Monday at NuSkin!  It is a paid internship that will be split between their Accounting and Engineering Departments.... so pretty much Danny's dream internship. We are really happy and feel so blessed for Danny to have this experience.

This could possibly be the most random post of all time.  If only I were more articulate.... or cared.

And now some random photos because I can.

It's officially October.  Do you know what that means?  Tis' the season to be psycho!!!  
 No wonder it's such a fun month.


meg bird said…
I seriously laughed so hard when you mentioned that the lady had CATS in her car! Oh my word haha how perfect is that. I approve of this random post, it was a great way to start out the day.
Sydney said…
THE CATS!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! I'm having nightmares just thinking about it. You are so brave!
Also, I peed reading danny's comment, "Only 21 more to power through!" Hahahahaha.
And all the pics are great.
You have to blog everyday so that I have something funny to read everyday!
Alea said…
Rachel, you have some amazing talents! I have never known anyone who has entertained me as much as you have (except maybe my own children- but I am with them during the weekdays... and nights and weekends too!) I'm so glad you were there during those (what seemed like) ten hour long cheer practices to keep us smiling.

I like to wear grandma clothes. Old dresses are my favorite! I do cut out the shoulder pads though.

I just braved the dollar store today with the two kiddos. I survived! I hate shopping... Unless it's the dollar store, a second hand store or yard sale. There are some interesting people to be found at all three of those places... And I'm just realizing that maybe I'm one of those "interesting people" too if I frequent those places so much! Hold on while I go check my car for cats...
Grandma Cher said…
Rachel, just for the record I don't think I said my kids didn't have talent... I said, "This isn't fair those other kids have talent." Sounds a little better.
P.S. Dollar Tree will be here soon!

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