Ricker Smart

Happy Birthday to the man:
Who puts up with a lot, mainly from these two.

Who bought me a pink convertible.
 Who is a great husband and the most loyal person I know.
 Who loves to party.
Who I happen to look a lot alike.
Who is 100% Irish (at least on St.Pattys and his birthday).

Who is a devoted BYU fan.

But even more so, a devoted Grandpa/Father.  We're lucky to have you in our lives!
Happy 63rd Birthday Ricker!  Now let's go get our Coachmans on!


Whitney said…
Yay Happy Birthday to the cutest guy on the block! Love your family!
Grandma Cher said…
Thanks for the tribute to Dad! He is one loyal husband, father, and friend. I'm lucky to have him for two of the three! I love that guy!!!

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