Friday, December 18, 2009

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Egg Nog Anyone??
Every year we host the Los Gs Christmas Party. Its usually at the Ricker Smart home, but this year since we have our own place we decided to do it there. I mean getting evicted isn't THAT bad is it?? The party was actually another success. We crammed 35 people into our basement apartment where we had a few contests, played white elephant, and ate holiday treats. One of my favorites was Hot-chognog. Its a drink Brad invented consisting of Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog. It was actually pretty dang good. Almost as good as Danny looks in a turtle neck.

The Elder section of the Partay. Steph, Rick and his date Haley. All sweaters equally gross.

Danny and I with the boys in front of our tree.
Our first Christmas Tree! It struggles...we can only go up from here... that's right attitude right?
Our family's stockings:)
It seemed things were getting romantic in the kitchen...though I hoped not.
The babies
Yes, Millie even made a guest appearance at the Ugly Sweater Party
One of the activities of the Party was an "Ugliest Sweater" Contest. Roman was fortunate to only place 3rd.

Ryan tied with Adam for 2nd. (I swear Grandma Phyl used to have this sweater!)
This is Adam:) (he is wearing his grandmother's sweater, I should've thought of that)

And of course the first place winner of the Contest!!!...BRAD AKA TEFLON B!
In the kitchen getting the GOn GGe ready (Gon Gge is Rocky's way of saying Egg Nog, I cant help but call it that:)
Lilian and I in a Nicholes Sister Sandwich

Roman and Michelle
This pair of giant underwear gets passed down every year in the Los Gs white elephant. This was in fact its third year in the runnings. Its a definite crowd pleaser.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Millicent Meets Santa Clause

Millie met Santa Clause for the first time at the 6th Ward's Breakfast with Santa!
She didn't quite know what to think of him at first...

But like most Smart's, the quickest way to our hearts is through our stomachs...
Santa was quickly Millie's favorite person.

What Do I Get This Guy For Christmas???

Christmas is coming soon and I need some ideas for the Danny Man!!! He has only told me ONE thing he wants...Sour Cream and Cheddar Potato Chips. Done. I need some more ideas though...If any of you have anything you think he would enjoy, our limit is $50. (If you are worried he will read this, don't worry. He doesn't even know how to get to my blog. Sad, I know. He doesn't really get all that into the blogging world.)


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