Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess What We did this Weekend?

Guess what we did this weekend???
Yep, FUN BUS TO WENDOVER. Surprised? Didn't think so:)
In celebration of the May birthdays this month, Alecia, the twins and mine, it was necessary.
A little Bingo was played...

A little money was won... In Dustin, Alecia, and Patrick's case, a LOT of money was won.

And the Homosexual Quad was born... Danny holding over 500 lbs. of "braun."
Yikes and poor Danny is all I gotta say about that.
Overall, a very entertaining 12 hours the Fun Bus provided us. We're taking Ricker, Cher, G.Phyl and Aunt Jerry in a couple weeks. Gonna be a party!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Last week it was my 23rd birthday. I always thought that sounded so old. Especially because next year I will be 24 and in my head the only 24 year old that comes to mind is my brother Rangi.

*TANGENT: For some reason he will forever seem 24 to me. This may be due to the fact that he DOESN'T age, or maybe because he has been mistaken as my YOUNGER brother, or maybe because he can do anything a 17 year old olympian could do. *END OF TANGENT.

But for some reason I don't feel any older, just better. This might seem narcissistic but it was such a grand birthday I have to blog it for my memory's sake. First off, anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE my birthday. I will milk it for all it's worth. Roxanne and Danny have got to be SO excited for this Tuesday to roll around because I cant say, "Come on, pleeeeease? It's my birthday month!" I know they are thinking June cant come fast enough!

Well this year my birthday was on a Saturday and I was checking the forecast literally a month before my birthday. The last 3!!! years it has RAINED on my birthday. All I want on my birthday is to soak up the SUN after the stupid Utah winter. Is that too much to ask? The forecast said it would be 74 degrees and Sunny. I have this weird inkling to always want to fish on my birthday? I know Im quirky. So it was decided we would go fishing.... Oh and maybe have a fish fry? ...And of course go yard sale-ing because its a Saturday, and maybe shopping?... Or going out to breakfast? ....And of course we have to end the night with dancing? As you can see, I get way too excited and want to try and squeeze EVERYTHING I can into one day. Well as the big day approached the weatherman had bad news for me. Isolated thunderstorms and a high of 50! A HIGH of 50? Also Danny had not been able to get off of work!!!

I was devastated.

No fishing. No yard sales. No Danny. No Sun.

So the morning of my birthday rolls around and of course my parents are the first to call to wish me Happy Birthday. They asked if they could bring me my present down to my house. So they came down and brought me a card with money and SEE'S. Is there a better way to start out your birthday than with a box of See's? I submit that there is not. Then my dad told me he had found a yard sale that was completely covered by tents in PG so we headed over to it. It was actually a promising yard sale despite the 40 degree weather! Next thing ya know it, Danny is calling me and telling me that his boss said he could go home because it was my birthday, yay!! So Danny comes home and gives me the sweetest presents. Some really nice new sunglasses and the most beautiful painting! I am so spoiled:)
I look retarded in this photo, but check out the sweet shades Danny gave me! Cute huh? They are polarized, I love them! For my wussy blue eyes, these are a must.

The next activity was shopping!!! Rox, Danny, and I went shopping to all my favorite stores. Also, the Sun came out and it actually turned out to be a beautiful day:) My dad said to pick somewhere to go out to lunch and the whole fam would come meet and so naturally I chose Chuck-a-Rama of course. So all my friends and family met up and ate at my favorite place! My friend Dustin gave me a fishing pole since I have always wanted to go fishing on my birthday, I cant wait to use! And Brad gave me Portugal. Then Man concert tickets!!!! Whoot Whoot! I am SO excited about those:) After lunch we went shopping some more (yes Im married to a man of great patience) and started looking for matching ghetto fab outfits because we were going dancing that night!!! Rox and I found some awesome outfits on another dollar rack at Wal-Mart. So later that night Rangi called me and wished me Happy Birthday and told me to check his blog. Guess who got a birthday blog dedicated to them!? This girl! It was awesome, it had the birthday raps his class did for me, and I love to admit I can sing word for word all of their raps! Thanks Rang! So later that night the Los Gs get all dressed to impress in their most blingin attire and got kinky in da club! We bought a bunch of glow sticks and fake tattoos for everyone. I ended the night drinking a giant MTN. Dew. What a sweet night!

Some of my friends that came dancing, sorry I didn't get a pic with everyone. But thanks everyone who came, It was SO fun!!! I even had a Beyonce song dedicated to me, what a great birthday! :)
Smart Sistas at the Cluuuub.

The next day Rick and Cher made me a big birthday dinner that was BOMB. Rocky and Sarah even let me pick the bread they brought! It was SO good.

Cher made the most delicious German Chocolate cake ever. It was by far the best cake I have ever tasted and probably the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. Thanks Cher!
In the Smart family, when it is your birthday, you get to pick whatever meal you want.
I picked tinfoils:) Ricker makes a mean tinfoil.
This is a pic of the handsome Danny Man cooking them.
Ricker and Cher Thanks so much for all your hard work making my birthday so much fun! They put on the best dinner, it was amazing! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and efforts of everyone, it really was the best birthday ever. I have theeee best friends and family, they all made me feel so loved on my bday!! Love you all!

Thanks for Spoiling me Rotten:)

The Little Pumpkin that Could

The little pumpkin that could started out as a Halloween decoration in our house late Sept. of last year.
This is another photo of the little pumpkin that could. I love this little pumpkin. He was a gift from Grandpa Ricker's Pumpkin Patch that I hand selected about 9 months ago. I was lucky enough to snatch him up before speedy Grandma Phyl could! (She got the second best, his bigger, oddly shaped brother). He was the most perfect of all. He (I dont know why he is a he, he just is) has lived a long full life serving as a decoration and a bookend while adding color to our dark and dull apartment. I was sad to have to "retire" the old boy after such a good run but unless we wanted our apartment to smell of rancid rotting pumpkin it was necessary. I was impressed he lasted as long as he did, does anyone know the normal shelf life of a pumpkin? Me neither. Nonetheless, he was a trooper and he will be missed.
This is a pic of where it all started.
Hopefully Grandpa Ricker's Pumpkin Patch can compete with last years batch and bear us a sister pumpkin of our little guy that will last until June of next year!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From Sledding to Seventy

If any of you live or have ever visited Utah you understand that the weather can be somewhat unpredictable.
This was taken yesterday after a lot of the snow had already melted. I woke up and texted Roxanne, "Wanna go sledding?" I wasn't joking.
We are only a few days away from JUNE, that isn't that weird is it?
Not in Utah.
Today the weather was 74. I sent Roxanne a text, "Wanna go swimming?"
Ya gotta love Utah.

Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Streets of Tijuana

Every year, May 5th is reserved for the biggest and baddest Cinco de Mayo fiesta that anyone has ever seen. This year the El Smart's Annual Fiesta was themed, "In the Streets of Tijuana."

Have you ever wanted to let loose and shake your maracas? Come to our Fiesta next year!!!

No Cinco de Mayo fiesta party would be complete without a chili pepper wreath hanging on the door.

Liliawnya proudly sporting the Mexicano Flag on her Faux Hawk.

Cherylcita and El Mickey made a guest appearance at the fiesta! Have I ever mentioned I have the funniest parents ever?

Feliz Cinco De Mayo Amigos! It's time to celebrate The Battle Of Puebla….

Oh, is that the reason we’re dressed like mexicans?

Alonzo and Yolanda
This party wouldn't happen without this little hombre. The Churro machine is the reason I come to this party.
Sanchez gettin some luuuuv from Guadalupe and Maria
Alonzo tempting some of the party guest with a tray full of Chuuuuurose.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
Pinata candy being claimed.
Can dogs be handicapped?
The Mormon version of Mexican Coronas!
Glorified Apple Beer.

If you can't make it to Mexico for the real thing, why not do the next best thing and throw your own Mexican theme party?

Some amigos enjoying the salsas brought by various los gs for the annual Salsa Contest!

Sanchez and Stitcho with their Cubans

The Classic Los Gs Party Pic
Said once, and now said again, TOO HOT TO DEPORT!!!
Happy Cinco De Mayo Hombres! See ya latersssss.

Millie's First Year

Happy Birthday Millie! I cant believe she is already a year old.
It seems like just yesterday I was traumatized by watching you enter this world. I think its safe to say we're both glad that's over, the rest is cake right?
They don't come much cuter than her!
I had to put this photo on to show everyone what we call Millie's horse face. Many babies/children go through this stage. If any of you are close to a mirror go ahead and try it, there are very simple instructions to the horse face. 1. Try and show as much of your gums and teeth as possible. 2. Scrunch up your nose and eyes.
If any of you are frightened, that's normal. Babies are usually the only ones that can pull it off due to their combination of big eyes, button noses, and chubby cheeks.

Millie trying to escape our little photo shoot.

Such a little ham:)

I antiqued this one more, I like it.


Millie and Mom.
Happy 1st Birthday Millicent!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Preface: I have class EVERY morning @ 7:00 AM. This should not be legal...ESPECIALLY during my summer!

It is a three hour class, and I know this will shock most of you, I have a really hard time staying awake.

This morning my teacher was talking about the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." And talking about other countries "lemons" right now in different parts of the world. There is crazy stuff going on in the world right now and it makes me feel so lucky to live in my little town of Pleasant Grove. We have all had our lemons in life, and we will continue to experience more.

Each lemon makes us who we are today.

I found these dumb one liners online today and now they are becoming part of this post? Yikes. My blog struggles. Feel free to stop reading at this point, there are only like two funny ones.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Meringe Pie

When life when life gives you lemons learn to juggle

When life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and squirt it into someone's eye. It'll make you feel better

When life gives you lemons, find someone who's life gives them fish & chips and enjoy.

When life gives you lemons sell them on ebay.

When Life gives you lemons, thank goodness it wasn’t a bag of flaming poop!!!!

When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a paper cut

When life gives you lemons…Lemon fight!!!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
 And unless life also gives you sugar and water, your lemonade is gunna suck.

When life gives you lemons, open a lemon stand and use these profits to buy a machine gun, we will see if life makes the same mistake twice

When life gives u lemons…go find a diet coke!!

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. 
When life gives you diabetes, dont make lemonade

When life gives you lemons, use zinc and copper to make a battery to ;shock people with.

When life gives you melons, you know your dyslexic :]

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lets Go Fly a Kite

This post starts out at All-A-Dollar (Are you suprised?). Danny and I were walking down his favorite isle, the toys, when we saw a 2 pack of kites. I told Danny, "I just realized, I don't think I have never flown a kite?" So into the small green shopping cart it went. A few days later we invited a few friends and went to the park right by our house. It was perfect weather for kite flying!
Danny taming "the wildbeast." That's was he named his kite.
We discovered Millie doesn't love wind.

Some of the participants.
I'd say my first kite flying experience was a success, especially for a buck! We will for sure have to do it again. Maybe if I didn't let Rox get to mine I would be able to use it again. You owe me .50 cents Rox! :) First item on our "Summer To-do List" 1. Lets go fly a kite. CHECK.


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