Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Can Only Hope...

Last week I pulled up next to a gold van with tinted windows, a dream catcher hanging from the mirror, complete with a 65-ish year old woman with a bleached blonde mullet.

And this was her decree...
I can only hope Im that cool in 40 years...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Llama Fest

I am a student reporter for the UVU Review and this was my most recent piece.

Llama Fest 2010

The Annual Llama Fest was held in Spanish Fork on July 16. Thousands of spectators experienced llama races, dancing, obstacle courses, a llama show ring, crafts, and food.

Llamas originated from Peru, Bolivia, and Chile where they were used to carry heavy loads, where cars were impassable through the Andes Mountains. They are the camel’s cousin, padded with thick skin to protect them from rough terrain and jagged rocks. In America, they are now kept as pets used for carrying camping gear and their fur used for clothing and rugs.

Llama owner Veronica Steeli and her family have been participating in the Llama fest for the past eight years.

“It’s a fun summer activity for any family,” said Steeli Inexpensive food, free demonstrations, dancing, and some really special animals. There’s something for everyone at Llama Fest.”

The festival was held at the Krishna Temple. The temple has had llamas on its grounds for more than 25 years.

Eleven-year-old Benson Ricks, who has attended the Llama Fest the last three years, said, “I get so excited every year my family comes to Llama Fest. My favorite part is the baby llama corral because I get to play with them.”

Originally, the small festival began to show off people’s prized llamas to the public. Food contests and llama competitions were held with prizes. The festival has grown into an event ushering more than 4,000 people to celebrate the animals. The event offers free weaving and spinning demonstrations, booths selling different llama paraphernalia, authentic Indian food, as well as continuous live music all night.

Utah Valley Llamas brings over 50 llamas to the festival but also encourages other llama owners to join in on the fun and bring theirs. Admission is $3 for adults and $1 per child. The festivities begin around 4p.m. and go until 9p.m.

More information can be found at

Since we're on the subject of Llamas...I thought Cher would like this...

And to think we've been calling him Goatman this whole time...

Monday, July 19, 2010

You Know Your Brother Loves You If...

you look on Facebook and see this young beauty tagged as "Rachel Smart Elder."
To think I wasted all that time Cheerleading.

You know your brother loves you if he hacks into your Facebook account and puts this photo as your profile pic.
Since, I learned from the best I tagged Roman in this.
And Rox in this. Why not get her in on the sibling love?
If you ever need a good laugh just google, "people in spandex." You will not be disappointed. I pretty much just laughed the last half hour of my life away looking through these. I have collected a few of my favs to share...
Yin and Yang
This is Hank.
Anyone looking for a unique family photo? I already own the nude colored unitard if you'd like to borrow it.

All this spandex is getting me excited for Halloween. I've got big plans for my nude suit...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birds of a Feather

In Danny's parent's backyard they have a sixty foot long bird aviary. Its full of hundreds of different birds such as parakeets, cockatoos, pheasants, parrots, doves, quail, finches, love birds, ect...oh, and one giant pigeon. In the four years I have know the Elders I have never been inside with the birds. Danny was helping his dad put another waterfall inside the aviary and Danny asked if I wanted to feed them some chips. I was so excited!

Please excuse my stupid face.
In my defense, I am not used to having several flapping squawking birds within a three ft. radius of my head.
It was exciting and overwhelming.

These two birds loved Danny. They were on his shoulder the whole time!
I was surprised how friendly all of the birds were. They really love people! This one even gives kisses:)

And this guthrie here would be the previously mentioned giant pigeon, PigeonZilla. The average person would naturally think dont leave a cat alone with a bird? Bad news for the bird right?
This thing could eat a cat alive. Dont mess with this grey boy.

About to dig into some din-din
If you had to say these three birds looked like three best friends, who would you guess is who? I'll give you a hint who the three friends are, Lily, Roxanne and I.

I dont know why my twisted brain looked at this and automatically thought it was a picture of us three. To answer, The one on the left is Lily because it has black feathers, the one in the middle is Roxanne because of it's abnormally small forehead, and the big fat albino one is me.
Isn't is obvious to you now?
I think that might be Lily on Danny's shoulder...

How can ya say no to that face?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Life of a Random Redhead...

I wish Sarah Hughes could've written this for me instead.

Wake up in the morning, two bulldogs on my bed

My reflection in the mirror alotta red frizz on my head

Eat the breakfast of a champ, Diet Mountain Dew

Grab a kiss from my sweetie then off to UVU.

Courageous on my scooter reaching speeds of 45

Pull up to the school thanking heaven I’m alive.

Student by day, Mexican Restaurant by night

Smiling, piling, serving those hot tamales up just right.

Work hard play harder, that’s always been my motto

Now out to go dancing, end the night with some gelato

Two bulldogs and my sweetie cuddle me in bed

Sleep, dream, wake, repeat eleven lines previously read.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Recently a bunch of friends and I were able to attend a Portugal. The Man concert at The Venue in SLC. If you haven't heard of them, shame. Look em' up! You won't be disappointed.
They had an impressive psychedelic light show. I can only imagine how sweet it looked to the stoners.
We had to buy matching shirts.
This photo shows you how we were able to squeeze our way through the sweaty bodies to be on the FRONT row. Amazing.
Roxanne has been fortunate enough to see them in concert 6 times.
This was my third concert.
This is Brad...aka Teflon B.
Thanks to this crazy kid for buying me two tickets for my birthday! What an awesome gift, huh? Danny couldn't get off work:( It was such a bummer. So my date for the night was Rox, she's a great concert buddy. Oh and yes that is a drum stick, that was thrown into the crowd, shoved up Brad's nose.
This is a pic of the Smart siblings with lead singer, John, last year at their concert. Sadly we weren't able to get a photo with any of the band members this year. We even ran into them before the show! And *get ready to die of shock* I didn't have my camera with me! So no pic:(
The Smart siblings O'10:)
The group of Portugal Die-hards! Cant wait til next year!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This story begins with a fleet of four scooters out to conquer the impossible.
Many said we were crazy. They said it couldn't be done.
We were out to set them straight.
We were scootin' to Salt Lake City.
Our Motto: SCOOT OR DIE.
And we almost did...
Danny would impress any bystander with his impressive scootin' tricks.
We call this one, "Man Conquering Scooter."

It wasn't too long before one of the fleet could go no more.

So we put it here for safe keeping and did the only logical thing...

And then there were three.

Its amazing I even got a pic of the fleet of four. Especially with Roxanne driving by herself, it only lasted for about thirty seconds.
We found this little guy when the first scooter broke down. Things were lookin up.
I couldn't help but think of Boldie, bulging belly, bugs eyes, and their personalities are much too similar.
I thought about asking this chap to join? We're always looking to add to our posse.

Roman and Michelle enjoying the journey up to Salt Lake.
Low and behold...SALT LAKE CITY!!! Only short one scooter and one serious exhaust pipe burn inflicted and we were there.

We had fun driving around seeing the different sights in Salt Lake, even if people were pointing and laughing at us. Haven't you ever seen a three headed scooter? At one stop light the car next to us completely missed the light because they were staring at us and taking pictures. Another motorcyclist exclaimed to his fellow biker, "Dude, there are three people on that scooter." It was fun to feel like a celebrity/freak for one night.

Um, Of course we stormed The Capitol by scooter.
After checking into our sweet hotel and eating at Litza's Pizza, we rode up through the avenues and hiked up an uncomfortably steep hill that looked over the city. It was beautiful. It was a really fun and eventful adventure. Even though it took us triple the amount of time it would've in a car, we felt accomplished.


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