Sausage Fest O'10

Dont these beauties look delicious?...Cuz they were.
This is my favorite Bro-In Law ever!!!! Rick James!! Our Sausage Fest was a going away party for him. He just left for the summer to drive tour buses in Ketchikan, Alaska. Dont feel bad for him. He is going to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Seeing a tree full of a dozen bald eagles and catching a 50 lb. King Salmon in one day are common in Ketchikan. But WE will be missing him the next 4 months:)
I don't know why anything we can fit in our mouths naturally has to be, "smoked."
Rick James Bih! Rick with some of the Los Mamacitas.
And of course dancing broke out. Good times! We'll miss ya Rick. See ya in 4 months!

*Upon his return we will kick off "Breast Fest O'10" And BBQ chicken breast. Cant wait!


Pearl said…
This looks like a good time.
Anonymous said…
cheryl said…
Sausage Fest looks like too much fun or too much colesteral. I guess you can't beat a good balance of both.
Rangi said…
You get to go live in Alaska and get sent off with sausages...How lucky is that?

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