The Little Pumpkin that Could

The little pumpkin that could started out as a Halloween decoration in our house late Sept. of last year.
This is another photo of the little pumpkin that could. I love this little pumpkin. He was a gift from Grandpa Ricker's Pumpkin Patch that I hand selected about 9 months ago. I was lucky enough to snatch him up before speedy Grandma Phyl could! (She got the second best, his bigger, oddly shaped brother). He was the most perfect of all. He (I dont know why he is a he, he just is) has lived a long full life serving as a decoration and a bookend while adding color to our dark and dull apartment. I was sad to have to "retire" the old boy after such a good run but unless we wanted our apartment to smell of rancid rotting pumpkin it was necessary. I was impressed he lasted as long as he did, does anyone know the normal shelf life of a pumpkin? Me neither. Nonetheless, he was a trooper and he will be missed.
This is a pic of where it all started.
Hopefully Grandpa Ricker's Pumpkin Patch can compete with last years batch and bear us a sister pumpkin of our little guy that will last until June of next year!


Rachey Smart said…
this is Dan. that little pumpkin sure did last a long time, but man did it stick when it finally met its last day. dry heaving is the only word to describe the stench.
Rangi said…
Sara was using some coconuts as a decoration and after about a month I got a hankering for some coconut. I broke it open and bit into it and it was already bad. I totally would have bet on the coconut to outlast the pumpkin.

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