Happy Rangi De Mayo!!!

Im not sure exactly what this beefy fella is saying but if I had one guess, I'd guess its,
"Haaaaaaaappy rrrRangi De Mayo Hombres!!!"

Rang is de best! And Rangi De Mayo (May 4th) has changed the world as we know it. Its the beginning of a most bitchin 2 day celebration (May 4th-5th). From the birth of Rangi to the birth of Mehico, partiers UNITE!!!

I love my brother dearly but you'd never know it, I didn't even send him a birthday card! I can be very forgetful at times so Im dedicating a blog to him in hopes of showing my affection. I hope posting this will suffice. From his redhair (Yeah, I said it, You a Red Head) to his Cauliflower ear, he's the best. Rangi is such a good dad, son, and brother. We all love him so much! Since the Rap Dynasty has now ended I had to reuse last years.
Love ya Rang, Happy Birfday!


Whitney said…
O my gosh i love your video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rangi is soo lucky! Cute idea! Very creative.
Mindy said…
Cute post, although I'm sad the rap dynasty is over!
cheryl said…
Way better than a birthday card Rach. That has to be one of your best ever raps. Rangi is a great guy and totally unique. I love him too. Perfect picture of Rangi for that post.
Brooke Self said…
You guys are so great! this is hi-lar-i-ous! Love it! Happy cinco! =)
Rangi said…
Rach you rule. Thanks for posting the rap. I will always love it. That one rap is the equivelent of a life time of Birthday cards. Nice call on the mullet picture.
Rangi said…
Rachel for my birthday I want the mullet picture burned! (Rangi loves it way too much!!!) This post is better than a card and I definataley think that el gordo is saying happy b-day to Rangi. Love, Sara

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