Lets Go Fly a Kite

This post starts out at All-A-Dollar (Are you suprised?). Danny and I were walking down his favorite isle, the toys, when we saw a 2 pack of kites. I told Danny, "I just realized, I don't think I have never flown a kite?" So into the small green shopping cart it went. A few days later we invited a few friends and went to the park right by our house. It was perfect weather for kite flying!
Danny taming "the wildbeast." That's was he named his kite.
We discovered Millie doesn't love wind.

Some of the participants.
I'd say my first kite flying experience was a success, especially for a buck! We will for sure have to do it again. Maybe if I didn't let Rox get to mine I would be able to use it again. You owe me .50 cents Rox! :) First item on our "Summer To-do List" 1. Lets go fly a kite. CHECK.


Britanee Walker said…
i had no idea the dollar store had kites! i'm so stopping & picking lots up. i haven't flown a kite for years. looks like so much fun!
cheryl said…
I love the picture of the kite in the sky with the light behind.
So sorry you never flew a kite. I know I took Rangi and Rocky because every time we went to church we would see it in the electrical wires. I guess I had no faith in myself after that.
R-foo said…
we will be taking our girls to fly a kite this summer. i remember going with my parents as a kid and it always always fascinated me! how did it work? why did it stay up in the sky? why couldn't i just let the string go? haha, good memories. :)
Anonymous said…
Rachel, I love you! Thanks for your comments! I love them! They make my day! You seriously are blessed to brighten up peoples lives. Your personality is amazing! I love it!
Rangi said…
The best thing about kites is the cheaper they are the better they fly. We bought the kids a big one at costco and all it has been good for is tangles. Long live the dollar store.

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