Millie's First Year

Happy Birthday Millie! I cant believe she is already a year old.
It seems like just yesterday I was traumatized by watching you enter this world. I think its safe to say we're both glad that's over, the rest is cake right?
They don't come much cuter than her!
I had to put this photo on to show everyone what we call Millie's horse face. Many babies/children go through this stage. If any of you are close to a mirror go ahead and try it, there are very simple instructions to the horse face. 1. Try and show as much of your gums and teeth as possible. 2. Scrunch up your nose and eyes.
If any of you are frightened, that's normal. Babies are usually the only ones that can pull it off due to their combination of big eyes, button noses, and chubby cheeks.

Millie trying to escape our little photo shoot.

Such a little ham:)

I antiqued this one more, I like it.


Millie and Mom.
Happy 1st Birthday Millicent!


Janeal said…
I can't believe how freaking cute she is!
Rachey Smart said…
I agree Janeal! She is the cutest:)
Roxanne said…
Rachel! I love it! You should put more of those on facebook... They turned out so dang cute! Thanks so much :) I owe you!!
cheryl said…
I love them too. You are an awesome photographer. You did have a pretty cute subject to work with. P.S. Dad is making me ask when is his photo shoot?
Rangi said…
Dang, those pictures are awesome. Maybe you can take some of Jilli when we come. Good luck with Dad though.
R-foo said…
she is a beautiful baby. Allie loves playing with her in nursery. you did an amazing job with the pics, Rach. such a talent. :)
Sara said…
I can't believe I just saw these, they are beautiful! Very nicely done Rachel! Can't wait to see her and everyone else for that matter. Love, sara

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