In the Streets of Tijuana

Every year, May 5th is reserved for the biggest and baddest Cinco de Mayo fiesta that anyone has ever seen. This year the El Smart's Annual Fiesta was themed, "In the Streets of Tijuana."

Have you ever wanted to let loose and shake your maracas? Come to our Fiesta next year!!!

No Cinco de Mayo fiesta party would be complete without a chili pepper wreath hanging on the door.

Liliawnya proudly sporting the Mexicano Flag on her Faux Hawk.

Cherylcita and El Mickey made a guest appearance at the fiesta! Have I ever mentioned I have the funniest parents ever?

Feliz Cinco De Mayo Amigos! It's time to celebrate The Battle Of Puebla….

Oh, is that the reason we’re dressed like mexicans?

Alonzo and Yolanda
This party wouldn't happen without this little hombre. The Churro machine is the reason I come to this party.
Sanchez gettin some luuuuv from Guadalupe and Maria
Alonzo tempting some of the party guest with a tray full of Chuuuuurose.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
Pinata candy being claimed.
Can dogs be handicapped?
The Mormon version of Mexican Coronas!
Glorified Apple Beer.

If you can't make it to Mexico for the real thing, why not do the next best thing and throw your own Mexican theme party?

Some amigos enjoying the salsas brought by various los gs for the annual Salsa Contest!

Sanchez and Stitcho with their Cubans

The Classic Los Gs Party Pic
Said once, and now said again, TOO HOT TO DEPORT!!!
Happy Cinco De Mayo Hombres! See ya latersssss.


cheryl said…
Too much fun! And YES your dog is handicapped.
Rebecca said…
hahahaha that party looks GREAT! You Smart's always knew how to throw a great party. You look cute rach, haha, I love the outfit and the hair.
Rangi said…
I think El Smarts is more fitting than O'Smarts, and please tell Ricker I said that. That did look like an awesome party though. Great post.

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