Reasons Cherylcita is THEE best Mom:)

1. She's fun. Hence the pic below.

2. She is always up for anything. Hence the picture above.

3. Cher NEVER complains. EVER. She can be in any situation, bad or worse, and she always has a good attitude and outlook on things.
4. She is an extremely hard worker.
5. She is the sweetest lady. She is always genuine in what she says and does.
6. We have the same birthmark in the same place.
7. She is extremely patient. At 10:00 pm., the night before my senior project was due, I told her I had to sew a whole dress. If I didn't have this project and report done by 9 am I wouldn't graduate. We pulled an ALL NIGHTER and the dress and project was finished by 8:30 am, just in the nick of time! It would've helped if we had a sewing machine that didn't break every 3 stitches. Nonetheless, she didn't get mad when I told her I had procrastinated. Im sure she was thrilled by the fact I had put it off to the last second or that she wouldn't be going to sleep that night, but she didn't reprimand me or even make me feel guilty. She knew I knew I was retarded. We actually had a fun night laughing at my retardedness and just talking.

*Side note: This post could interchangeably be entitled, "Reasons I suck as a Daughter."

8. Cher is a peacemaker. She has taught me by example, "The one who apologizes first is the one in the right."
9. She, and my dad, always tried to make growing up fun even if it was a simple inexpensive family activity like sleeping out under the stars or having a tea party in our play house...My childhood was the best. I wouldn't change a thing.
10. I guess the Smart boys rubbed off on us... She isn't afraid to wrestle me. We love breaking into a wrestling match, ESPECIALLY when Roxanne is in the room! We try to get on her nerves as much as possible:)
11. She is my laughing buddy. We have the same sense of humor. Sometimes I get a laugh attack and I CANNOT stop. EVERYTHING is funny to me. I inherited this from Cher. Once again its most fun when these attacks come on when Roxanne is present.
12. She is a darn good cook. If anyone was wondering why Im pleasantly plump you can point a finger in her and Ricker's direction . They are the best! I remember growing up friends would ask to eat over so they could have some of Cher's famous cooking:)
13. She has such a strong testimony of our Savior. I know the strength of her testimony and example have helped to strengthen mine. My mom always taught me to choose the right.
14. She teaches by example. None of this, "Do as I say and not as I do." She, herself, has always tried to teach by showing us what is right.
15. I got my red hair from her.
16. She loves my dad so much. I loved growing up with parents so in love. They still act like newlyweds.
17. When my mom was in High School she was on Drill Team. She went to Reseda High. I love that on command she will still do her school cheer and spell out Reseda! Reseda! Reseda!
18. She always makes me feel special on my birthday:)
19. She is playing on our Co-ed softball team, The O'Smarts
20. She loves my dogs.
21. She listens to my crazy stories that happen to me and believes me that they actually happened. For some reason she and I attract very weird people.
22. She is a mom but still dresses cute.
23. She makes our house a home.
24. Her and my dad set a good example for us kids by marrying in the temple.

25. She was so fun to plan my wedding with.

26. She has an eye for decorating and interior design.
27. She is has a green thumb.
28. She taught me to never leave my keys in my car. (Once I came home and my car was "stolen." I was nervous for about 3 seconds until I looked at her face)
29. Cher is a terrible liar. She had parked my car down the street:)
30. Whenever the family was slacking on family scripture study or family prayer it was always my mom reminding us or having us at least read a little before we went to bed.
31. She used to ALWAYS leave "secret" love notes in my pink car when she would see it parked somewhere. She always wrote with her left hand so I wouldn't "know" who my mystery crush was. It usually said something to the effect of, "Rachel, you are hot." It always made my day.
32. We have the same favorite song. She calls me her Soul Sister:) I love it.
33. When she made my sack lunches for school she always drew cartoons on the front of the bag. I loved it. The favorite of mine, and most frequent, was the gator.

34. She is a very loving person. Her family is very important to her. She loves her kids and grandkids so much.

35. She is the only real partial Irish person in our family.
36. She gave me my love for sewing.
37. She always has the best/corniest jokes. ex: Why did the spider log onto his computer? To check his "web"site.
38. She is very giving. I swear you have to be careful what you say you like of my parents or they will give it to you!
39. She taught me to love my parents. She loved her parents so much. She would do anything for them. The last few years of their lives she took many trips to California to take care of them when they couldn't themselves. Throughout my WHOLE life she called my grandma EVERY SINGLE day. They were so close to each other and made me realize how your mom can be your best friend, literally. Her dad, Grandpa Wally, used to always accidentally call me Cheryl. It was one of the biggest compliments I have ever gotten. I hope to someday be half the mom she has been for our family. She has cooked, cleaned, taken care of us when we were sick, helped with school projects, played with us, taught us, put up with us, done laundry, shown patience, and pretty much about anything else you can think of. Our family has been so lucky to have Cher in our lives. She is definitely the glue of our family. I hope I can be like her when I grow up. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you so much:)
40. She comments on every blog entry of mine:) At least I have one fan. Thanks Mom!


Mindy said…
That was such a cute post, and all of it is SO true. Cheryl is such a good person and a great example of what a mother should be.
cheryl said…
Rachel, I love you! I can't believe you wrote that before I told you Mother's Day can be crummy because they talk about so many great mothers in Sacrament Meeting. Thanks so MUCH! You made my day.
Sydney said…
Rach this is so cute! I love Cheryl too. She is an AMAZING cook and always so sweet to have her orphaned nieces and nephews over for dinner. Moms are the best, but especially Smart moms.
Rocky said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky said…
Awesome post for an awesome Mom posted by an awesome sister and commented on by an awesome brother!
Darcee said…
This seriously made me all teary! It's so true! I love Cher, too! And I miss her like crazy! Rach, I love reading your blog. You are absolutely hilarious! I love your whole gosh dang family!
Sara said…
Everything you said was so true! I love Cheryl and am so glad to have her and her example in my life. I only feel bad that I haven't been blogging and only saw this today! Happy Mother's Day and Yes Cheryl I blog for you because you may be my only fan too! Love Sara
Rangi said…
Awesome post. We are truly blessed to have such an epic Mother, but please include me in your list of fans who comments on every blog post.

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