Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well Basically, We Had a Good Summer.

Since Summer is officially over I decided I'd hurry and post some pics of some fun Summer moments I wasn't able to blog about.
Millie and I spent a lot of fun hours together.
Pearl went to her first Rodeo.
We got together with some friends.
We said bye to Lily.  She moved to New Jersey to be the best flight attendant in the world! 
Proof that our yard had flowers in it the first half of Summer.

Cary, Pam and Rick helped us trim the dead branches off all our giant trees,  It was a big job!  We took over 7 Palomino truckloads of dead branches to the dump!
We enjoyed some sun.
We enjoyed some cake.

We enjoyed some entertainment.  Beetle tested Brutus' electric fence for us.
It works.
 Ricker and Cher celebrated 38 years of marriage!  They are still cute as ever.
Pearl went to Seven Peaks and the PG Pool for the first time.
We went up the Canyon and had S'mores.

 Pearl enjoyed our tradition of Pancake Sunday.
 We had some fun times with our cousins.
Oh, hey Brig.
Ages 4-7 months must be the peak for babies to shove anything and everything into their mouth.  Every single one of these cuties is sucking on something.
Looked at clouds.
We took lunch to the park.

Happy Summer Everyone!  Hope it was great.  
Sad to see Summer leave but we're really excited for Fall.  I started working on our Halloween costumes this week and I'm pretty excited:)


Darel Ayn said...

Rach, I always love reading your blog! You guys are always doing fun stuff and Pearl is just the cutest. Can't wait to see what Halloween costumes you will think of this year!

Kyla Ford said...

Your house is darling! I absolutely love it.
Your blog is so cute andI just love keeping up to date with you and your adorable little family! WE should have a play date when Hunter is a little older :)

Jamie said...

So Dang Cute!...I am loving beetle testing the electric fence picture. I wish I had a brother that cool!

Sydney said...

Pearl's two piece swimsuit is to die for! What a cutie. I love the pic of all the Smart sibs with their babies. What a fun summer!

Grandma Cher said...

Thanks for all the fun summer memories! I love the picture of Pearl looking like she is on drugs, but really she is just on pancakes!


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