Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8 Months

 Pearl is 8 months old today.  This is her favorite chair.

A few updates on Pearl:
-She LOVES to stand.  She will pull her self up on anything and everything.  She has had 4-5 black eyes so far, maybe a little bit of overconfidence caused tumbling, but she is a determined little thing and gets right back up.
-She stood for 2 whole seconds by herself last week.  It was so cute, she looked like she was concentrating so hard.
-While standing holding on to couches, coffee tables, chairs she will circle around or walk next to it.
Sometimes after a bath I do her hair like a crazy person.
Danny and I have a bet.  The loser has to do dishes for a month.  He thinks she will take at least 3 steps by herself by October 8th.  I disagree.  Is it bad to bet against your child's progression?  Probably yes. She really amazes me how much she learns everyday but I swear a baby usually doesn't take their first steps til' closer to 12-14 months?  Anyways, I'll let ya know if I'm on dish duty on October 8th.
-She "talks" while she is crawling around and playing.  It is the funniest thing.  I can't tell you how much I love the little sounds she makes.  One day this week she was stuck on the sound, "Ba, ba, ba." Millie yelled at me, "Rachel, she is trying to sing that Beach Boys song! Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ran!" 
I started laughing so hard.  Millie is a genius three year old when it comes to music.
-Her hair is getting so much thicker, especially in the back.  It is really coarse for baby hair.  I know it's a ways off, but I can't wait to start styling it!
-She gets really excited to see Danny when he gets home from work.  She flaps her arms and crawls towards him as fast as possible.
-She has started drooling a ton lately.  Maybe she is teething?  I can't see anything so maybe she will have old man gums forever.
-Her favorite toy is blocks.  As soon as I empty the box she goes nuts.  She starts banging them together and chucking them everywhere.
-She is growing so fast.  These are all of her cute little shoes I had to pack away this week.
Getting Millie's hand-me-downs is awesome.
-Her Best friend is Millie
I walked into Pearl's room to see this.
I said, "Millie, what the heck are you doing?"
She says, "I'm just widing her..."
Like it was an everyday occurrence.   Now it is an everyday occurrence.
Pearl seems indifferent, so I let it slide.
We went to the Rooftop Concert series last Saturday and I was able to snap a quick cousin pic with Roman's sweet lens.  This first pose didn't work out too well...
Neither did the second.
The third pose was money.  Cute little Cousins.
Happy 8 months to little Pearla.


Benj and Jackie said...

oh she is SO dang cute! Mischa was also pulling herself up at around 8 and was walking by ten months it really surprised me too but I knew it was possible because my sister started walking at 9 months.. sometimes those little stinkers are just really determined :) We need to come by and see you guys soon! loves

Mindy said...

Loved this post. Pearl is so dang cute! So fun that she is trying to talk, she is growing up so fast.

Alea said...

I bet she's on track to be walking at ten months. Beware! There's no stopping them once that happens! One day you'll be cheering on their little wobbly baby steps then the next week they're jumping off the couches! ;-)

I LOVE HER HAIR! I can't wait for you to style it too.

Clara is always doing crazy things to her sister, and I start to reprimand her and then notice that Maylee is giggling and having the time of her life. It's hard to say "Stop poking your sister's cheeks! She doesn't like it..." Oh wait, she actually does. Whatever. Carry on... haha

meg bird said...

That cousins picture is so cute! Perfect. I'm really trying to not want a nice camera.

Anonymous said...

You may lose your bet. My baby took his first steps at 9months.....

cheryl said...

I love Pearl's hairdos in all the pictures. She is getting around so well, even with Millie riding her!


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