Probably the Best Weekend Ever.

This week I didn't see Danny much.  He worked everyday, except last Sunday, making his work week some where between long and forever. Almost 75 hours of work in one week.  He was pretty excited to have some time off and I was pretty excited to actually see him in real life. 
I wasn't the only one happy to see this dirty daddy.

She is a total daddy's girl:)
The Hughes Family was nice enough to give us tickets to the BYU game Friday night.  I haven't been to a game in a while and we have really been wanting to go.
 Roman, Michelle, Danny and I dropped off the babies, snagged some dinner and then headed to the game.  
I have never had such great seats in my life. We were on the 20 yard line just up from the players!  I had a great shot of the Cougarettes and Cheerleaders, which is my favorite part of the game.  They even danced, "Gangham Style!"  Loved it.
By the way, the Cougs killed Hawaii.
Yay for a fun date night! 
Also this weekend, I finally found shoes that fit Pearl's square feet!  Who knew they would come from the Disney store.  I'm a little worried they are actually shoes for a teddy bear or something.   But teddy bear shoes or not, I found little Oxford shoes that fit my child's unusually wide feet.  Pretty exciting.
 Saturday we headed to Thanksgiving Point to see Utah's Biggest Pumpkins!

 They were seriously huge.  I wondered ahead of time how they move these beastly vegetables from point A to point B.  They had to move them with a crane!  They would put them in this harness and the crane would set them on the scale.  
*Just for the record I totally see why Cinderella's Coach was transformed from a pumpkin.  The winner was almost as big as Roxanne's car!
This is Millie with this year's winner.  It weighed 1,455 lbs!  Before they picked it,  it was growing 50 lbs a day!  I just can't believe these things.  It made me really want to grow some pumpkins next summer.  If I can even grow a normal sized pumpkin I'll be stoked.
Next Saturday, the winners will hollow out their pumpkins, put a man with 2 oars inside and race across a lake!  You don't believe me?  I didn't believe it either.  For further proof click here.
I hope we can make it to that it sounds very entertaining.
The fam grabbing some food at the Cafe.

How old are we?

And to top off our awesome weekend we ended our night with Sushi?  Sweet love.
Why can't every weekend be like this?? 


Sydney said…
Cher is SUCH a babe. I can't get over it. Also, Pearl's shoes are too much! I love them. Her chubby little baby feet are so adorable. Looks like you guys had fun!
Lauren said…
AW I love this. I love it when you just have perfect weekends like this, make you at the end of the day smile. PS. you are so pretty rachel, I am loving your new hair and of course your outfits are to die for!
Grandma Cher said…
I love the pictures of Danny and Pearl. She loves him so much... what's not to love. He is such a GREAT Dad!!!

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