TODAY has been quite the day. 
TODAY I have learned I cannot leave anything I don't want in Pearl's chubby little grip on my coffee table.  That is 63 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper you see on my rug right there.

TODAY she was in heaven splashing around.  Her face says otherwise because I had already pulled her away from the small brown pool and she wasn't having it.  I decided for a photo's sake, I'd set her back in for a sec.

TODAY I bought two cans of "Oops" paint from Home Depot because it's a fourth the price of a regular can.  I got home and thought something was terribly wrong with the texture of my paint and then, like any intelligent person would do BEFORE buying, read the label, "Venetian Plaster."  Awesome.  Looks like have a new challenge, find some way to use this awesome can of plaster. 
TODAY, with my second can of, "Oops" paint, I painted my laundry room to resemble a dungeon.  It is way darker in person.  Crap.

 TODAY Danny built an entire deck off the basement entrance BY HIMSELF.  This is the before...

 And the after!  
 He is amazingly handy that Danny Man.
 TODAY is Friday!  Yay!


Mindy said…
Wow! I can not believe Danny built a deck today! It looks Awesome. Today I raked up 7 black bags of pine needles and I am wishing I felt as accomplished as Danny looks!
meg bird said…
Drew and I painted our mailbox last night. Only we bought oil-based paint. I had no idea what that meant. The paint was ridiculously sticky, and stuck to everything! When I tried to rinse out the brush, it stuck to my hands like tar. I had to use nail polish remover to get it all off and it took about twenty minutes. The things we learn about home improvement! Never buying oil-based paint again. I am impressed with Danny's deck, that's amazing.
Rachey Elder said…
Meg I don't know if you'll see this but holy crap! That sounds like a nightmare... The things we do to make a home cute!
cheryl said…
The deck turned out Awesome!!! Way to go Danny!!!

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