Monday, September 10, 2012


This Summer the ENTIRE Rick and Cheryl Smart family went to Yellowstone.  I hadn't been since I was 18 months old so it was like I'd never been.  I could not believe how pretty it was!  I live 7 hours away from these awesome veiws and (pretty much) I've never been?  Needless to say, I loved it.

 It was so great to be with the whole fam too.  We always have a good time.

 Danny's #1 fan... little asian guy.  I wish I had caught his name.  He asked if he could have his photo taken with Danny.  He probably mistook him for Matthew McConaughey or something... 
 We stopped at Jackson Hole for a minute.  Luckily we did or we never would've gotten our photo taken in front of this breath taking archway of antlers.

 3 of 4
 We went to Bear World and saw several of these.  
 And ate several of these.  Maybe it's because they were in the shape of tiny bears but they were the best fries I have ever had.
 Of course Millie and Elie needed two adults to accompany them on the rides.  And of course it was Grandma Phyl Phyl and I.  Or were the adults just supposed to help their little ones on to the ride and stand by and watch?  Prrraaaaabably the latter.

G. Phyl made the height limit of 4'8"easily.
She's a great example to me.  Eighty One Years old is never too old to have fun.
Pearl loves her cousin Bay.
Mesa Falls were beautiful!

Rangi and Jillian lookin' good in blue.
 All slicked up with SPF 74!
Roman trying out the idea of twins.
 Rocky found the awesome cabin we all stayed in.  It was so fun to have everyone under one roof and it housed a lot of people comfortably.
Some pretty artwork hanging in the cabin... oh wait.
That was our view!  We had the prettiest view of the Grand Tetons right outside our window
Another bonus of our cabin, hot tub!
 The skies were very open and spacious.  It made me want to be a cowgirl for a sec.
Then I remembered my feelings towards livestock lately.
The thick green flowering plants above made up a potato field.  Who knew potato fields were so pretty?

We had to pull off to get our pic in front of these lily pads.

We were in the car for a lot of the trip driving from place to place but the scenery (and lotto tickets) kept us entertained.
Millie is cute.

She may have had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind caught her dress.  I can't believe I got a pic of it!

 We had fun at Old Faithful.

And visiting various springs and hot pots.

Beetle had his hands full at the painted pots.... and several other times during the trip.

 Rick and Danny beaming with their recent purchase of some sketchy buffalo jerky.
Rick and I, "stretching our legs."
It was such a fun trip.  We loved having Rangi, Rocky and their families in town.  It was the only chance we were able to get away all we Summer and we had such a great time.  I can't wait to go back!


Whitney said...

Awesome. Great pictures! You capture the memories so perfectly! Love it!

cheryl said...

That was such a fun trip. Thanks for all the great pictures. I love seeing Grandma Phyll loving the kiddie rides. She is so cute!


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