Mom/McGonagall Bun

Remember how some people are beautiful and have really cute buns of clean hair on top of their heads?

I don't. 
Lately I have felt like I've been rocking the "Mom/McGonagall" bun more than I'd like to admit.  My bun is not cute.
My hair has been really long for most of my life.  I never wanted to cut it because I swear once someone has kids, chop goes the hair.  It's almost like having long hair, for a mother, is taboo. I swore that would never be me.  I can now see why moms do it though.  Short hair is fast and easy.  Not to mention so cute, just not on my round face.  I have always been a long hair gal.  Long hair can be pretty, but it is a lot of work.  Like... a lot of time and work. I am still trying to find the perfect daily routine of exercising, getting fully ready for the day, keeping my house clean, as well as taking care of Millie and Pearl.  In order to save some time, I decided I needed to chop some hair.  I called on the help of Stephanie, my sister in law.  She happens to live right below me and is a hairdresser... Awesome!  So Pearl sat in her walker eating Cheerios while Stephanie went to work.  
I'm always worried by how much hair I see drop to the floor.  I don't know why I'm so weird, does anyone else do this?  It's like I think my hair has super power or something?  It's just stupid hair!  It will grow back!  After the cut, I nervously swept up a few dustpans FULL of my hair.  
I didn't get a before pic of my hair because honestly I don't need one.  McGonagall is perfect. 
I kept it long, but it is way faster to blow dry now! I really love it.
 Cheers to attempt #1 at doing my hair everyday.

P.S.  Don't get me wrong, I love Professor McGonagall and hold her in the highest of respects.  I just don't want her hair.


meg bird said…
It's gorgeous! haha when I get old I want to look exactly like Professor Magonnagal. But you're right, not just yet.
Alea said…
Your hair looks good NO MATTER. It's amazing. I'm not just saying that really like the cut though.

After loosing baby fist-fulls (and toe-fulls... She pulls it out with her feet!) I think I might go short. It's not like I ever do anything with it long. EVER. I should just cut it! I'm scared though! My entire life I have never done short hair, but I might be ready to try it. We will see...
Heather Magill said…
I feel like this is the very reason that I end up whacking my hair off every year. My hair isn't even to my mid back and I already have the "Mcgonagall Bun"..I'm determined to hold out! Love the haircut Rach!
Sydney said…
Okay, I doubt you looked anything like McGonagall, but take it from me (someone who looks like Hagrid on a daily basis) you have the most beautiful hair, so it doesn't matter what you do with it. However, I LOVE your new cut. Its so modern! Sometimes layers are tough to make cute but I think your sis-in-law nailed it! Its adorable. Hot mom alert fo sho!

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