Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pink, Gray, and Peaches.

 Labor Day I got Pearl dressed to go to breakfast with the Elders. When Danny got home from work Pearl and him were totally matching.  I had to take a pic, they are my favorite people.  We went to breakfast at Magelby's Fresh with the Elders and ate some delicious pancakes.  It was a really fun morning.  Heather, Cale and Bean were in town for Ry and Steph's wedding.  After breakfast we (Danny) decided to give Pearl an entire peach.
 I think she may have found her new favorite food.  She was jamming that giant peach so hard it was making one eye squint.
The look of determination.
And I wonder why Danny is her favorite.... he gives her entire peaches as big as her head.

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Whitney said...

Awe your family is so dang cute!


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