Friday, May 24, 2013

St.George Quad Date

A couple weeks ago we loaded up the babes, crammed into the Party Barge (our 6 seater Avalon) and headed to St. George.  The weather was seriously perfect and I couldn't help but reminisce the fun times I had living there.  

We went to Swig, a little shop that sells specialty drinks and sugar cookies.  My "Dirty Diet Coke," which consisted of (I think) coconut flavoring mixed into Diet Coke and pebble ice, was divine.
 Roman, Michelle, Bay, Danny, Pearl, Adam and Melissa and I all rented a condo and Jake and Hailey stayed at their condo.  Which was perfect because at night we could put the babies to sleep and play Scum til really late.  Which for us is midnight.

 We went to the St. George temple and walked the grounds.  It is one of my favorite temples!

Roman loves to take candid pictures of me from the most flattering angles.  These angles usually involve my double chin.
  I actually thought this one was cute of our little fam.

When I went to Dixie my roommates and I ate here all the time.  The Bear Paw Cafe was only a block away from my house.  It is soooo good.  If you go there tell them Rachel sent you.
Just kidding, they have no idea who I am, but that would be hilarious.  If you really do ever go there, get the pecan french toast.  AMAZING.
This house was gorgeous.
Our condo had a pool and hot tub.  Both of which, Pearl had no problem jumping in with no one there to catch her.  Scary.

It was a really fun and laid back trip.  We ate a lot of good food, went swimming, did a little hiking and card playing.  It's always fun to go away for the weekend and hang out with friends.  Just what we needed!


Kalynn Eve said...

I love Bear Paw Cafe! You're making me miss St. George!!

Grandma Cher said...

You have really caught up and/or I haven't looked at your blog for a long time. Really fun pictures of St George! So glad you could all get away!


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