Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Two days before Easter Millie, Pearl and I "planted" jelly beans and decided to see what would sprout up.

About ten minutes after we planted them, aka setting them on the grass, Millie walked back to check on them.  She was so shocked and excited that they had all sunk into the ground so quickly!  Aka, Pearl sniffing out any type of food and devouring.

The next morning I put a little Easter egg hunt together for the girls.

I think they really liked it. 
Danny helped Pearl around the yard picking up eggs.
Millie pretty much owned Pearl in the hunt, but overall they both had fun.
I love that they are little buddies.

My version of a giant Easter egg^^^
The dogs were obsessed with the balls the girls got.

Grandma Cher and Grandpa Ricker gave all the grandkids these cute personalized eggs full of awesome goodies and the adults See's Scotchmallow Eggs! 

Looking stoked to be there.

Our jelly beans ended up sprouting into beautiful suckers! 
They were definitely the highlight of Pearl's hunt.

Easter Sunday Grandma Phyl had a big hunt at her house.  
She had over 60 people there!  She is truly amazing.  Her yard and house looked so pretty!

Bay and Pearl had fun hanging out on the grass.
Minus the fact that Bayliss hates grass.  He will go to any extent to make sure his skin doesn't touch it.

Pearl loved the nice weather and exploring.

She won't let anyone hold her these days.  She always has to be down running around.

It was so good to see family and catch up.  I have such fun cousins.

The Iphone tower.  Iphones to the tenth power experiment.
Happy Easter 2013!


Lauren said...

Man your whole family makes the cutest little people.

Sydney said...

I love the idea of putting suckers in the grass - so cute! I'm definitely stealing that for next year. Also, I love the dresses you and Pearl wore on Easter. So cute. And the pic of Bay and Pearl is my fave.

Savage said...

Rachel, you are so COOL! Sprouting rock.
And Pearls dress is so dang cute!

Grandma Cher said...

I love seeing all the Easter Fun! Pearl's dress was darling and it was fun seeing everyone at Grandma's party.


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