Monday, May 6, 2013


I've heard a lot of pregnant women get obsessed with one thing for a week and then move on.  With me, this also rings true.  I have craved something insanely (even dreamt about it) and the next week start gagging if it's in the same room as me.  This is this week's obsession.  I am obsessed with these amazing fruit bars.  They are creamy with real chunks of coconut.  If you like coconut, they are so dang good!  And I can't say for sure about next week, but I'm pretty sure I'll still love these.  You should try em.

When I'm pregnant I love chewing on ice and this week I broke my back molar! Aaah, great.  So, I'm hoping sucking on popsicles will get rid of this pesky craving to always be chomping ice!  

I am now 18 weeks pregnant.  Danny and I have talked about keeping the gender a surprise, but I just don't think I can do it until I have one of each!  How lame, I know.  Tomorrow I have an appt and I might beg my Dr. to tell me the gender.  Otherwise I have to wait a whole month!  Wah wah.  

Millie and my mom's conversation today.

Mom: "Your mom is so skinny Millie."
Millie: "No she's not."
Mom: "She's not?"
Millie: "Ooohhhh, sorry. She is. I thought you were talking about Rachel."

So I guess you could say I'm definitely showing.
Baby is still cookin' and I have started feeling more and more movements which make Millie's brutally honest comments all worth it.


Mindy said...

Such a cute ultrasound pic! You look great and I cannot believe you are halfway through your pregnancy! Good luck tomorrow.

Sydney said...

Hahahahahaha. Millie is too much! You should definitely find out the gender since I'm dying to know! JK, do what you want ... but I will seriously be dying to know the whole time. And I think you should post some more pics because I'm sure you are still tiny.

Grandma Cher said...

That is a cute ultrasound picture! Some how I missed seeing that. And those coconut bars are TOO good. Millie will never cease to amaze!


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