Lil' Man

Hey Danny, I TOLD YOU SO!

Many of you have heard we are having a boy!  I hate to start my blog by telling Danny, "I told you so!"  But I did.  Who am I kidding, I love it.  Mean wife?  Yes, but I'm happy to be right since I was wrong about everything with Pearl.  We are super excited though!  Danny and I went to my 18 week appointment for the routine of taking my weight and listening to the heartbeat.  I really wasn't planning on finding out the gender, especially since an ultrasound wasn't scheduled, but hoped I would have the courage to beg the Doc for a look.  We listened to the heartbeat and then Dr. Lamoreaux asked if we wanted to take a peak at the gender since Danny came along.  
Word vomit, "YES."
So he took us back to an ultrasound room and we got to see our baby on the 50 inch screen!  I loved seeing him move on the big screen while feeling him kick me at the same time.  So weird, but awesome.  Dr. Lamoreaux did a quick look at our baby's brain, heart, kidneys, ect. and said everything looked great.  That is always a relief for me to visually see them growing healthy and strong.  I love our Doctor's office!  Next was the gender.  Sure enough, lil' man was not shy or afraid to show off his manliness.  Danny was in shock since he was sure it was another baby girl.  I was stoked and immediately demanded a mini Danny, since you can demand such things.  Right?  We will get to see him again for a more in depth ultrasound next week and my due date is still October 8th.

After the appointment Danny went to school and I drug Millie and Pearl around buying some cute little dude clothes!  I am beyond excited to have one of each gender running around.

I have two photos of my last pregnancy.  One, is in a Grinch suit and the second in a public bathroom.
So I thought I'd take some at my half way point.

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and feeling great.  The next month is the best part of the pregnancy, not too fat or nauseous.  With my first pregnancy, I was too proud to buy maternity clothes which makes no sense since I was PREGNANT.  Last week I broke down and bought my first pair of maternity jeans from Ross for $10.  I want to publicly declare my stupidity for not wearing maternity pants the first go around!  I've never known such comfort and am considering wearing them the rest of my life, and definitely to all buffets.  If any of you ever feel too proud, suck it up and buy some maternity pants and actually be comfy your entire pregnancy.  You'll thank me because they're unreal.

Anyways, end of chubby rant.  I can't believe I'm half way!


Unknown said…
I'm SO excited for you! Girl and boy! That's so great! and Lamoreaux?? He's my doctor too! He's amazing. He helped me so much with my issues, I will never go to another doctor!
meg bird said…
Congratulations!! You're such a pretty lady, Rach! How exciting, Pearl will be the best big sister.
Lauren said…
You look gorgeous! And are so tiny!
Mindy said…
That dress is so cute! You look so good and I can not believe you are already halfway! So excited your having a boy!
Sydney said…
I kind of want to punch you in the face because you look so good still. How is possible you have a neck? My neck disappears the second I get pregnant! You are tiny! Also, cannot wait for you to have a boy! I hope he's a mini Danny too.
Savage said…
YOUR HALF WAY POINT IS AWESOME! you are looking way good for round two. Congrats on little boy....Pearl is in for a treat!
Christa Cox said…
how in the world did i not know you had a blog?!
Im so so so stoked for you to have a baby boy! You just wait.. the mother son bond is just so so special
Darcee said…
That is so awesome, RAch!!! I hadn't heard you were having a boy! You will loving have one of each. They will be buddies! Can't wait to see how cute he is!
And also, can I just say how AMAZING you look? You hardly look pregnant and your hair and face are glamorous. Seriously. It's a good thing we don't live closer, or I'd have a complex. Honestly, you look great! Can't wait to see you in July!
Maddie said…
Congrats Rach! You look great! I didn't buy maternity jeans either and it was so uncomfortable. I'm going all out next time ha ha!
Maddie said…
Congrats Rach! You look great! I didn't buy maternity jeans either and it was so uncomfortable. I'm going all out next time ha ha!

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