Friday, May 17, 2013

Danny's Half

A couple weeks ago Danny ran the Provo City Half Marathon.  It was his first half marathon and he did awesome.  A guy from our ward ran it as well and after the race told me this:
"I saw a guy up ahead that appeared to be bleeding from his face very badly as well as vomiting at the same time.  I thought to myself, 'Man I really hope that guy can get some help from one of the medics.'"
That bleeding vomiting guy ended up being Danny, but not for reasons that you'd think.

Around mile 6 he got a brutal bloody nose that refused to quit.  With no tissues at any aide station he resorted to mother nature's help by shoving hefty portions of grass up his snout to stop the bleeding.  Somehow after doing that he inhaled some of the grass which made him start to gag and throw up.  Luckily the man from our ward was carrying tissues and Danny got it stopped but not without being covered in blood.  Regardless of getting the bloody nose from hell, Danny still set a personal record finishing in 1:52 and averaging 8:35 minute miles.
So happy to be done!
A well deserved banana Creamy.
The finishers!  Cassie and Mindy ran the half as well.  Their goal was to finish in under two hours and they did it in 1:59!  They are so awesome and looked so cute even after running 13.1 miles.
Beetle, a brave soul, managed to get all five kids there by himself.  Champion dad.
We are so proud of Danny!  Not only for finishing this race, but for all of the goal marks he has hit and the complete 180 he has done with his health.  He is down over 55 lbs and lookin' fly as ever.  Plus, wasn't the unfinished temple such a cool backdrop for our pics?
I was unfortunate enough to see an 8 month pregnant lady finish in under two hours. 
 So annoying.  
The weather was perfect and Danny had many supporters there cheering him on.  I didn't get a pic of Millie and Roxanne who were also there.

I loved the medals and shirts that the participants got.  Way better than any shirts I've got from races anyways. It seemed like a really fun and big race, as well as one of the cheaper ones in Utah.  Danny will be running the Utah Valley MARATHON on June 8th.  Excited for him!


meg bird said...

Poor Danny! Oh my word, what a ridiculous chain of events! But kind of hilarious at the same time. Nose bleeding, throwing up, in the middle of trying to do something healthy. Of course! Gotta love life haha.

What is wrong with these pregnant people, trying to be over-achievers? She clearly has problems, Rach. Like pushy parents. Don't even worry about it.

Mindy said...

Way to go Danny! It really is amazing how far he has come in such a short amount of time! Can't wait for the Marathon, he will do great.


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