You all remember the dapper and dashing French Bulldog Brutus.
He's a real sweetie and a member of our fam.
He has so many different sides to his personality.  But mainly he's a cuddly blob.
We always hoped we could find him a Frenchie companion, but they are such expensive dogs we knew it wouldn't be for a while.  Then unexpectedly a girl messaged me on Facebook asking if we were interested in a papered female Frenchie.  The price was definitely right so we took Brutus to meet her to see if their personalities would mesh.  They immediately started wrestling around and playing.  It was a match.
Meet Bridget.  Isn't she cute?  She is a little bit whiter than Brutie but they look pretty similar.  I love the markings on her face.  She is amazing with kids!  Pearl completely torments her and she has never growled or snapped.  She is such a funny dog and definitely a lover.

 She will be a year old on May 23rd.

 I can't tell you how many Birthdays as I blew out my candles I wished that I lived on a puppy farm.  Now that we have kids and multiple dogs running around, I think this is as close to a puppy farm as I want.  Unless by some miracle, Bridget and Brutus bless us with some adorable puppies!  Of course I'd take that too:)
Tug of War is our dog's favorite pastime.

She also enjoys chasing bubbles and the sprinkler.

We're happy we got Brutus a sweet little companion.  I think they already love each other.

 Yep.  True puppy love.


meg bird said…
This is so cuuute! They look so happy together!

haaa puppy farm. There would be so much poop.
Grandma Cher said…
Only you would want a puppy farm, but, Yesterday I HAD One!

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