Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister-Cousin.

Millie is turning 4 today.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was puking and peeing my pants witnessing her birth.  
Maybe because I was from pregnancy! But this post is about Millie.

She was a beautiful newborn with perfect red lips.

 She just kept getting cuter and cuter.
I am fortunate to spend a lot of time with sweet Millicent.
I just love her.  She is one of the smartest little kids I have ever been around.  She forgets nothing and has an amazing sense of direction.  She has seemed so grown up to me lately.  She is always so willing to help out and is even eager to do so.  She constantly wants to windex my windows or help me change Pearl's poopy diapers!  She is such an awesome sister-cousin to Pearl.  She is almost always willing to share her toys and food with Pearl (Emphasis on the food.) 

Her very favorite thing to do is be outside.  She lives for it.  She will spend the entire day outside exploring, swinging, painting, playing in my parent's playhouse, watering plants, ect.  She doesn't care the activity as long as she can be outside.

 Pearl loves her so much and insists on copying everything she does.  Every morning when Millie gets to our house, Pearl runs up and gives her a big hug.  They play so well together, even though their age difference is 2.5 years.  I guess their closeness in weight makes up for the age gap.

Her favorite food is "Churro toast," from Grandpa Ricker's house.  She loves to go to my parent's house and has a close relationship with them.  Whenever my parents stop by, she begs to go with them and how can I compete?  It's Ricker and Cher we're talking about.
She loves her mom and dad so much and gets so excited to see them when they come pick her up.  She tells me several times during the day that she loves them, it's so sweet.
She is such a pretty little girl who guarantees fun in her presence.  We love her so much and are glad she's in our family!
Happy 4th Birthday Millicent!


meg bird said...

Whenever I was around this little girl I was so shocked at how talkative she was. She reminds me of a little fairy.

Sister-cousins! I love that! Yes, closeness in weight is the main reason I've made friends with anybody haha.

Sara said...

Millie is so smart! and she was an adorable newborn. Cute post and I love that they are sister cousins. Maybe the weight thing explains Jillian and Caroline's closeness! Happy 4th Millie wish we were closer!

Savage said...

Rachel...THIS IS THE CUTEST POST EVER! Your an awesome Aunt! My kids love Millie :)

Grandma Cher said...

Love this little girl! So happy she can be with her Auntie and sister-cousin, while her mom is at work. She is really special! Happy Birthday Millie!


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